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From the lush north, to the alluring beaches of Tel Aviv, the beauty of Israel is difficult to describe in words. In order to best capture the splendour of the Holy Land, I turned to the @TimesOfIsrael Instagram for some of the most stunning pictures from the the Times of Israel Instagram community.


Instagram Photographer: @Taliagran

Where: The sky over Israel

Talia is a Norwegian photographer who has a vast camera collection, her oldest camera dating back to the 1930s.


Instagram Photographer: @Officialpenina

Where: Herzliya Pituach

My favourite time of day to take pictures is by the beach at sunset, for each evening it is as if the sky is painting a totally new image for us to capture….with our smart phones.


Instagram Photographer: @Skippympb

Where: IDC Herzliya

Yoni loves walking through the world and stumbling upon amazing moments. He finds it fascinating to see balance in this world, in no more perfect a metaphor, than a rainbow.


Instagram Photographer: @Amit_rose

Where: Palmahim Beach, Rishon L’Zion

Amit’s best photos are taken on her iPhone 5, as she is a huge iPhonography enthusiast.


Instagram Photographer: @Bigb_photography

Where: Zikim Beach

Brandon is a photographer from the US who is currently co-directing a documentary film about the contrast in the Gaza envelope between the beauty and peace, and the violence


Instagram Photographer: @Eddenram

Where: Under the sea in Eilat

Edden is one of the only photographers in Israel that focuses on surf culture and the waves themselves. Discover more of the ocean with his pictures here.


Instagram Photographer: @Nadavol

Where: Azrieli Center, Tel Aviv

Nadav loves photography as he is able to capture moments and save them to reminisce on the experiences and emotions later on.




Instagram Photographer: @Tuttlesinger

Where: Church of Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem

Sarah is the fabulous New Media Editor of The Times of Israel. You can find more of her pictures of cats and read her thoughts on life in Israel here.


Instagram Photographer: @Gsemons

Where: Lebanon Border

Gil enjoys taking pictures in nature, and especially loves this picture because it shows, what he believes is one of man’s greatest machines in the beauty of northern Israel.

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About the Author
Originally from Washington, D.C., Penina Graubart is the New Media Associate for Times of Israel. She also attends IDC Herzliya, studying at the Sammy Ofer School of Communications
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