Don Davis
Don Davis

Total Communications Warfare Reverberations

There were in essence four reverberating issues or questions raised from the Total Communications Warfare (TCW) revelation posted on November 1 and from Prime Time Warfare posted on November 9 relating to TCW and the Israelis, the Russians, Clinton and Trump campaign, and spy children.

The Total Communications Warfare (TCW) presentation to the Israelis.

As I wrote to friends in Israel; can you imagine if the Israelis had adapted some or part of TCW in 1996?

By now no one would be bothering Israel in the press. No one. Except for the predictable, clandestine stuff.

Because if someone tried, an Israeli TCW would have gently or aggressively reminded ‘the someone’ that ‘they’ have just as many faults or problems to be exposed and it is best to shut up, mind your own business, and leave the Israelis to deal with theirs.

Plus knowing the Israelis, once they truly understood TCW by experience, they would have perfected it beyond even my best expectations.

Second, do I have comments on the Russian collusion and voting scandal?

The Russians are one of the premier masters of, alleged, global disinformation exportation. Maybe, the master.

Many, particularly modern, western countries miscalculate the Russians partly due to their purported East Slavic speech accent, patterns and mannerisms which appear to westerners as resonating a tone and manifestation of an uneducated person (this is not an insult, rather behavioral data).

But in reality the Russians (in addition to the Russian Mafias) are brilliant in the creative and manipulating information sphere, including computers, in relation to intelligence, counterintelligence and alleged, financial deception tactics.

Shortly after World War Two the Soviet Union (USSR) began their impressive reign as, purportedly, intelligence and information aces, only briefly declining after the fall of the USSR. But after President Yeltsin, Russia extended back to the information powerhouse they are known for.

Furthermore, Russia is more formidable than the United States as they (Russia) have nearly total control of the domestic press and public speech, and partial control of international press.

However, I would imagine most people know that surveillance, hacking, voter misuses and a variety of related exploitations are an ongoing event, and has been for decades, including in every election, theoretically domestically and worldwide, by multiple groups and countries.

There have been some massive breaches and suspected protocol violations in the private, commercial, military and government arena.

All deplorable yes, but shouldn’t be a surprise as this has been going on, including purported domestic and international computer voting and software manipulation, since computers and social media were introduced into the voting realm.

Should it be investigated? Certainly, but in secret so there isn’t a loss of credibility as time passes.

Third, why did WikiLeaks release the info on Hillary?

WikiLeaks’ goal is the free flow of information, protection of rights and privacy, public privacy – not government privacy, and to alleviate secrets or anything illegal or unethical.

Commonly, organizations and movements that release this kind of information are activists, politically independent, liberal, left or left leaning.

So, why release on Hillary the Democrat while the electoral voters were deciding Hillary or Donald?

This enigma has puzzled ordinary Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike creating more questions and conspiracy theories than answers, and might remain a mystery at least to the public.

This may be because, and it applies to both the Russian investigation with possible links to Trump and WikiLeaks prospective investigation, there has been a suspected, vigorous code of secrecy and protection in both governmental establishments and corporate domains against anything that might compromise ‘their’ sanctity.

There is supposedly strenuous safeguarding specifically for political individuals as national imbalance caused by negative news revelations can trigger widespread domestic instability and chaos.

That is unless the ‘secret’ becomes verified and solidly exposed to the public as with US President Richard Nixon and the corporate high profile, potential, cases against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and others.

The last item correlated directly with Total Communications Warfare and legitimate concern over the references of children agents or child spies in Prime Time Warfare. Therefore, clarification is necessary to provide readers with closure.

Children have been rumored as agents since World War II, the Cold War era, and no doubt started before that.

As far as the reality; there is no physical or mental barrier for children if they are willing. In fact, legends have it that in some cases such kids started quite young and were very brave, devoted and effective.

It didn’t matter what country they originated from, color of their skin, culture background or boy or girl. It didn’t matter what their parents did, how much money they made or if the kids were orphans.

But specifically referring to families abroad post World War II, virtually all of the kids could have a trove of traits gathered from their international or regional experiences. For example; comfortable traveling in countries and foreign cities, some with individual transportation, culturally knowledgeable, speak more than one language, and attending parities of diplomat, military, etc.

In my experience, on occasion kids were friends and played with kids from ‘enemy’ countries, went on group outings with assorted internationals, adapted to school changing, flexible, because of study requirements, keen memorizers, uncluttered mind, repeated pure info, responsible, thought international as a global citizens, and were greatly underestimated.

To elaborate on family variables, common overseas work, employment or ‘callings’ are listed as State, government, military, medical, corporate, nonprofit or volunteer and missionary. Furthermore, nearly all these services have a universal theme by representing a foreign country, foreign corporation or foreign aid organization, except for the occasional volunteer, and the most specific exception, missionaries. And, it normally doesn’t matter the religion or faith.

Frequently, children from government, military, corporate, medical or any employment related categories have comparable educational, cultural and behavioral parallels. Their parents that work for government, military, corporate, medical organizations etc or institutions have a certain amount, if not tremendous amount, of loyalty directly for their country and/or their employers (or money). In many cases, maybe most cases, this allegiance transfers to generations, principally, the immediate family.

However, based on behavioral data there is a vast rift in relation to spy acceptance in religion and for numerous reasons.

Most if not all missionaries, volunteers or workers whether self-employed or representing a religion or faith based organization have a vital, single differentiation factor from the rest of the international corps.

Their primary loyalty is to God or their supreme being. And this loyalty usually transcends as well to the local inhabitants and to the foreign country in which they live and work.

Doesn’t matter if the missionary, volunteer or worker had a background in foreign government or military, if they are devoted to their much higher ‘calling’, and to their God, then they will be loyal to God’s calling in the country and to the people in which they work.

Consistently, history has a lengthy, proven list of men and women of God that relentlessly worked, suffered and some were tortured and died for the foreign country and/or its local inhabitants.

Furthermore, several times the calling of God has extended into family generations. This is because children brought up or living in a religious type home are regularly devout.

Plus, in major contrast to visiting government, military, corporate and some medical officials; missionaries, volunteers or workers live with the locals (not in international complexes or neighborhoods), they associate with the locals, shop with the locals (not at the BX, PX or commissary), and in general their kids are home schooled, local schooled or missionary schooled.

Although if life atmosphere and cultural conditions were altered, precise and perfect for these kids, in theory the children probably could be tempted to be recruited.

Nevertheless, the strong missionary, volunteer or worker ‘world’, for lack of a better term, are separated overseas from their natural born country and countrymen and women, and instead are fused with the local population.

As a result, most of the missionary, volunteer or worker alliances lie with their ‘God and the country and people they are sent to’, not to their natural born country.

One must also not forget that most missionaries, volunteers or workers wouldn’t put themselves in a position to where they had choose sides between countries; for their supreme calling is from God, not country, and therefore they try not to get caught up in such international, trivial-earthy-matters.

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Don Davis is a published Middle East analyst and book author. For more than twenty years most of his research material was client confidential and behavioral related. But many of his abridged reports on current or Israeli subjects have been posted as articles or blogs in, The Times of Israel, The Christian Messenger, a newspaper/journal/magazine, and in American news online. Don is also the book author of The Children of Santiago, The Theogonic Resurrections, My three and a half hours at Playboy Mansion West, and Knights of Consuming Fire.