End or Endless Game

How does this Israeli-Palestinian conflict get to the ‘end-game’ stage?

There are only two ways in which this could play out.


  1. The game is speeded up to reach its final phase by various means, means seen by some (and not others) as being perfectly valid and legitimate throughout every one of the past 65 years and more. Even so, the ‘game’ itself has changed very little in all that time; there has been no movement towards any form of closure or even a Gotterdammerung-style climax; no radical circumstance has arisen in which a line can be drawn under this violent and always volatile period in the Israeli-Palestinian story.
  2. The game is slowed down to such an extent that both sides soon come to see its termination as a welcome relief from the sheer boredom that would otherwise ensue.

The first scenario has been encountered so often that whatever novelty value it once retained has long since vanished from the scene. The second, however, has had no trial outing nor has the possibility of its application ever been suspected, certainly not as a long-term solution to what is now a very old and seemingly intractable problem. But an ending to the game or, at the very least, an extended stay in hibernation, might be the result if its speed is regulated to be so slow that all human patience with it is lost. Then both sides might well abandon the contest altogether and agree to some final-stage settlement if only to avoid years of stagnation and becoming a total embarrassment in the eyes of the world, themselves and their own children.


End or endless game?

If there could be a real choice in the matter after so much time without one, who among us all would not jump at the chance to take it?

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