Total War: The Caliphate’s World Agenda

The Western Governments still continue to deal with The Caliphate as either a “terrorist” group, a mindless bunch of bomb-throwers who get their thrills from violence or a bunch of street-corner thugs. The President of the United States still considers them to be criminals who must be arrested and brought to trial. The word “war” never enters the conversation, only The Caliphate seems to know what’s really going on. Jihad is holy war, the way Islam was spread in the 7th century and the way it is being revived now. It has two objectives: non-Muslims and those who do not adhere to The AL-Baghdadi’s claim to be Mahdi must submit or die. No treaties, negotiations, no tolerance no peaceful coexistence. The brutal executions of captives, Muslim and Christians is broadcast on the worldwide web for all to see. Intimidating propaganda created by skilled and devious evil geniuses such as “Jihad John” delve into the minds of opponents and who knows what the brave pilots flying attacks and the brave Kurdish militia are thinking. No Geneva Convention rules for POW’s apply here.

The second objective is world conquest. The war is total. The Caliphate is destroying the cultural heritage of the lands it conquers. Churches are burned and congregations slaughtered or enslaved. Holy places to more than one faith are set aflame or bulldozed. A library that housed documents about the Armenian genocide by the Turks is destroyed and now a museum which houses historic artifacts from Babylon and other significant art is destroyed. The Caliphate’s agenda is to wipe any trace of any culture or belief other than their own from the earth. Their Iranian cousins have similar plans and practices. And all we get from Washington and other capitals is the same assembly of incredible and mind-boggling statements from US State Department Ivy League -grad spokespersons. Meanwhile The Caliphate sees other groups pledging allegiance, groups in Lebanon are the most recent. So far, an encirclement of Israel, Egypt and Jordan is advancing with Yemen and now Lebanon moving towards The Caliphate. Muslim groups on every continent are flocking to the black banner enthusiastically while Western powers dither and debate.

Truthfully, Islam did have extensive period of settlement and advanced cultural development. After initial conquests some missionary work was done successfully into the Far East. Sects developed, most notably Sunni, Shiva and Wahhabi. The core differences are descent from Muhammad and interpretations of Sharia Law. But The two competing Caliphates, al-Baghdadi’s and Iran’s, practice the initial fire and sword submission form. No tolerance for apostates, infidels or the intellectual freedoms taken for granted in Western societies. The inability to grasp this all or nothing viewpoint is alien to secular societies.

The Caliphate in Syria and Iraq is a state, not a band of cut-throats. That state is expanding in territoriality and in areas outside by groups that pledge allegiance. Terror is used as a weapon to advance the religious state and no other religions, cultures or freedoms are acknowledged. The destruction of any cultural heritage that does not fully mirror that of The Caliphate is a given. The Mosul Museum has in its collection artifacts that were in existence under Nebuchadnezzar, the winged bulls that guarded gates and palaces are now dust.

The Taliban in Afghanistan blew up monumental stone Buddhas that were a part of the country’s past. Today the slant towards pro-Muslim news reporting has given small notice to The Caliphate’s total cultural war. The Taliban set their aim at control of Afghanistan; The Two Caliphates plan to cause an event that will unite all Muslims under a Mahdi and bring about an end of days scenario that is a nightmare of violence and bloodshed. Make no mistake about it, this is total war. Unless both of these 7th century idealogues and their brutal troops are stopped, Western civilization will be a dim memory, cast about like the ruins of 3,000 year old winged bulls on a museum floor.

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