Toulouse killer: media ignore all the evidence and pray it’s a white racist

The main stream media – which after every Islamic terrorist attack warns us not to assume that the killers were Muslims or had any connection to Islam – has been very quick to identify the Toulouse killer as a ‘right wing racist’. The Sun was typical of most in claiming that the killer was one of three  ‘Nazi’ French paratroopers expelled from the Army in 2008 after posing in front of a Nazi flag.

The only problem is that the French investigators have ruled out the paratroopers today.

The media were also quick to conclude that the killer must have been a right-wing racist because, in the words of BBC News analyst Christian Fraser:

it is an inescapable fact that all the victims have been Jewish, black or of north African descent.

The media have gone so far as to assert that, because at least one of the soldiers was of north African descent, the Toulouse attack was also an attack on Muslims.

The attacker may indeed turn out to be a white Christian racist as the entire media are clearly desperately hoping. Then it will fit into their contrived agenda that right-wing racists – and not Islamists – are the real terrorist threat to the world and Jews especially . Oh how the media would be delighted to name another Anders Behring Breivik (see Bruce Bawer’s brilliant book on this very topic).

But, in the absence of any hard evidence, surely it was the duty of the media to report on the following relevant background information

  • Since 9/11 Muslims have committed 18,604 separate terrorist attacks around the world while right-wing racists have committed about 3.
  • In recent weeks the Iranians have attempted, or carried out, terrorist attacks against Jewish targets in nearly a dozen cities around the world.
  • (To paraphrase Christian Fraser) It is an inescapable fact that all the victims have been Jewish civilians or French soldiers. And all Jews and all NATO forces (which includes the French) are considered ”fair game” for every Muslim terrorist group in the world.
  • Muslim attacks against Jews in France have been a constant and increasing fact of life. The Jews of Toulouse have especially suffered harassment at the hands of their more numerous Muslim neighbours.
  • The media itself, in its continued and relentless campaign of deligitimization of Israel, has created an environment where Jews anywhere are considered fair game – indeed the media has often  justified attacks against Jewish civilians as being the ‘inevitable result of Muslim rage at Israel’s actions’. Indeed the media’s anti-Semitic demonisation of Israel – and its perpetuation of the myth of the power of the Jewish lobby,  may even encourage a ‘right-wing racist’ to select Jewish civilians before Muslims or blacks.

For more on the media’s stance on Israel see and especially this article.