Michael Laitman
Founder and president of Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute

Traffic Lights, Traffic Police and the Higher Power

Before the invention of traffic lights that regulate the movement of vehicles, there were traffic police directing traffic at the intersections. Many people were angry and full of complaints at the police. Sometimes people asked them for favors due to certain circumstances they were dealing with, and the police would change the order as they saw fit, satisfying some, dissatisfying others.

However, these days, when those traffic police have turned into traffic lights that have no thoughts or ability to be swayed, everyone accepts whatever the traffic lights determine. No one is angry with the lights nor do they beg them for favors. The traffic lights are like nature that operates according to a law that has no mercy

The analogy is that those who do not believe in a higher power think that the world is led by “traffic lights,” i.e., blind forces of nature, and there is no point turning to them with any special complaints, requests or demands. On the contrary, those who believe in a higher power turn to it with their complaints, requests and demands, asking for help in organizing their lives according to what makes sense to them.

However, we should turn to the higher power not to fix our lives, but to fix our hearts so that they acquire the same intention to love and bestow as the higher power has toward us. In other words, we can make several requests toward the higher power, but the one that is heard and acted on is that of inverting our self-love to the love of others, because that is the request that leads to our balance and equivalence of form with the higher power.

In order to make that request, the higher power stops us at various intersections of life with a variety of messengers. Sometimes they are traffic police, and at other times, traffic lights, and we are left with the choice to seek our optimal attitude and request through every circumstance.

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