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Justice means minding one’s own business and not meddling with other men’s concerns.


We are told ad-nauseum,  that the “Palestinian’s” are so agitated with the “occupation” to the point that it causes them to act way out of character by targeting and killing innocent Israeli citizens. It causes them to blow up buses and coffee shops; throw deadly stones at oncoming cars and stab random Jewish people on the street. We are told that if the “occupation” would just go away, they would get back to their regular character of not murdering and terrorizing innocent Israel’s.

That is why the latest revelation regarding the Framework Deal with John Kerry is so very interesting. Mahmood Abbas is inviting a foreign occupier to the border in place of the IDF.

In an article in today’s The Times of Israel, the writer Michal Shmulovich reports:

“Kerry, in an interview with the US paper, acknowledged that “Netanyahu has made it clear he doesn’t want NATO [in the Jordan Valley].” Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, by contrast, has said he would accept NATO forces replacing the IDF to meet Israeli security needs, after a phased withdrawal of Israeli troops from the Jordan Valley and elsewhere that he said could take place over five years in the wake of an accord. Israel fears that the potentially porous border between Jordan and a future Palestinian state would allow the transfer of weapons and terror activists that would threaten Israel.”

The article clearly points out that the idea for an occupying force other than the IDF has been requested by Abbas within the Kerry Framework.   Abbas is more in favor of it than Prime Minister Netanyahu is. Abbas gives no sign of agitation, no angst, no threats of violence for the foreign troops “occupation.”

If the intention of the talks is not to get rid of a perceived occupier but to invite yet another one in, is it safe to assume that the occupier rhetoric is a farce and actually the real reason is much more sinister?

Perhaps the reason is not to have a state, since the PLO Charter before 1967 actually did not lay claim to Judea and Samaria as it was already in Arab Jordanian hands at the time. But perhaps this process is to implement the plan created by Arafat to Phase Israel out completely in stages?

Get your Fairy Dust out because in the real world, Abbas does not even have a mandate to govern. It expired years ago and he has not held another election since. I’m not aware that legally binding documents can be signed by an individual with an expired “Presidency”.

Suspending Belief  and  Living in a Fantasy

All sane and rational individuals are asked to suspend belief in favor of the fantasy perpetrated by Kerry and his ilk. Clearly the brainwashing we’ve received about the “occupation” has been a Red Herring because Abbas has invited foreign troops to be on the border of his future state. They want us to believe that all will be well once the Palestinian’s have a state. All one has to do is look at the unrest and violence within the Arab world to see that is yet again, another ill-fated trip down the Bunny hole.

We are asked to ignore the facts of what really goes on in the Arab Muslim world in every country that surrounds Israel. They are all failed dictator states living off of the welfare of the world because the inner turmoil, sectarian violence and other factors keep them from actually having the infrastructure to build sustainable societies. Not to mention that Sharia Law is anathema to democracy and stability.

Just one example is their neighbor Syria exploding in sectarian violence with an estimated loss of life being in the hundreds of thousands. Al-Qaida is said to be fighting in this battle making things more dangerous for Israel and the region. There are reports that Al-Qaida cells are even operating within Judea and Samaria, otherwise known as the West Bank, the potential home of the Palestinian State.

Kerry refuses to address the dire humanitarian crisis of extreme child abuse foisted upon the Arab children in the UNRWA funded schools where the children are taught to terrorize and kill Jews. This has been documented by The Near East Policy Research Center and Palestinian Media Watch.

The manifestation of this incitement curriculum can be seen in countless acts of violence by young Arab Palestinian’s from the Temple Mount to Tel Aviv.

No population that incites their children to hate and kill Jews can be expected to live peacefully with the neighbor that the hate is directed at.

Again, sane and rational thought would beg the question: If peace with Israel is the intention, why has this curriculum not  been expunged years ago on their own volition?

Free Fairy Dust For All

According to a recent Carolyn Glick interview, John Kerry’s own nefarious ties to boycotts against Israel and Code Pink are being swept under the carpet. Caroline Glick states that, Code Pink is a leading actor in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. Code Pink is an extremist group that is also a funder of Obama. Kerry even wrote a letter of commendation to Code Pink on their involvement with the Flotilla to Gaza hosted by the Turkish terror group the IHH.

So when John Kerry stands on German soil and calls for a boycott of Israel, we need to be concerned by these words, what groups he supports and additionally the symbolism of speaking these words from the place where 6 million Jews were murdered.

One wonders if Hollywood could even come up with such a script. The very man negotiating as a fair broker in this issue is in fact himself tied to groups working furiously behind-the-scenes for the demise of Israel.

This is our world where the Secretary of State for the most powerful nation in the world lives in a perpetual state of fantasy and denial where wishes and hopes replace facts and reality.

 “All you need is faith, trust and a little Fairy Dust.” Tinkerbell

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