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Tribalism is alive and killing in the Middle East

Tribalism is Alive and Killing in the Middle East, so says Dr. Mordechai Kedar.

Kedar January 2014 American Jewish University-Photo Nurit Greenger
Kedar January 2014 American Jewish University-Photo Nurit Greenger

This month, in Southern California, people had the opportunity to hear Dr. Kedar when he spoke to audience of T.E.A.M (Training and Educating about the Middle East), a non-profit organization located in San Diego and headed by Jean-Jacques Surbeck, and at the Whizin Center for Continuing Education, at American Jewish University in Los Angeles.

There are people living among us who repeat telling us what way too many simply do not want to hear, or want to know, especially politicians.
One such person is Dr. Kedar who tirelessly to instill in us the knowledge of what is right and what is wrong about the Middle East.

The Bible tells us about Prophets who told the Jews wrong from right and they chose not to listen. The outcome of their intransigence was disastrous. If we watch the political arena today, whereby politicians do not listen to the pundits, these modern day politicians have brought and are bringing about the same disastrous outcome as when the people did not listen to the biblical Prophets. The way they have been handling the Middle East, the most destabilizing part of the world today and its flames of crisis, has been nothing but an utter failure.

Dr. Kedar, an expert on Islam, makes us face the most worrisome problems the world is facing today – Islam. The early bird crowd will come to listen to him while others will continue ignoring his message, but the message will not go away. Islam is the problem; face it or it will face you and then it will be too late to defend yourself from it.

Video by DemoCast: Dr. Mordechai Kedar: “The Arab Spring where does it lead” at the Whizin Center, American Hebrew University, Los Angeles

Video by DemoCast: Brigitte Gabriel & Mordechai Kedar on Rick Amato One America Show in San Diego: Obama Administration is wrong on Islam

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