Trump is ruining my marriage!

Trump is ruining my marriage. Some people just can’t stop hating Donald Trump. My husband calls him, “the pig.” He feels tremendously vindicated now that Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal (whom he considers victims) have come forward with their charges against the President.

With a smirk, and with more venom than a serpent could spit, my husband ranted and accused and spewed enough poisonous verbiage to eviscerate any hapless prey that might pass by. Bam! Bam! Bam! He threw his verbal punches, attempting with every word to score the final knockout of his victim, who was up against the ropes, blood pressure in the danger zone, mentally mangled at best, but not ready to throw in the towel. There remained in that opponent enough self dignity to survive the assault and enough sense to know that it is nearly impossible to converse rationally with someone so consumed by blind hatred that he can not entertain any other notion … in other words, totally close minded — a Never Trumper! I live with a Trump hater!

Any effort to explain the president’s personal life and behavior in another place and time, the not so youthful indiscretions of a high rolling playboy with no national political aspirations in mind, who years later suddenly, and shockingly, became president of the United States, fell on deaf ears. It didn’t matter that national security and foreign policy might be a bit more important consideration than a person’s bedroom activities.

Any talk of the courage, perseverance, and success of that man in attempting to accomplish the previously impossible task of moving the American embassy to Jerusalem, fell on deaf ears.

Any attempt to justify that man’s efforts to jump start the US economy, strengthen the American military, crush the ISIS caliphate, and to navigate and negotiate the crowded channels of political discourse between an array of Arab nations and the State of Israel fell on deaf ears.

What did it matter if the policies of “that pig” had brought us to a point where we may actually see the celebration of Israel’s 70th year of statehood include the opening of an American embassy in Jerusalem… and two years ahead of initial projections? Who cares if he just appointed a new National Security Advisor, John Bolton, who is one of Israel’s strongest supporters? What does it matter if African Americans and Hispanic Americans are now employed at a historic rate? If nationwide unemployment is at a low? If regulations blocking business expansion have been removed in record numbers? If someone is finally standing up to Chinese intellectual property theft, monetary manipulation, and geopolitical gerrymandering? What does it matter if that person is attempting to remain at peace with, while simultaneously trying to contain, Russian aggression and expansion, particularly in the Middle East? A pig is a pig is a pig. Right?  WRONG..

Afterthought: I assumed I was married to a normal, rational, caring, human being. Little did I know that I am in fact married to a man possessed! A man who needs to be exorcised of the lunatic Trump hate demon that lurks within his body and plagues his soul! I can not even mention that five letter word, the name of that Sus, that even-toed ruminating ungulate, in our house without fear of a commotion. And I certainly defy the heresy promoted by that other, oilier, Hillary creature who claims white women in America who voted for “the pig” have been pressured by their husbands to so do. Hogwash.

About the Author
Joanna M. Saidel, Ph.D was the personal research assistant for the late Professor Benzion Netanyahu, father of the current prime minister, from 2000 to 2010. She authored the Doctoral dissertation, Revisionist Zionism in America: The Campaign to Win American Public Support, 1939-1948, and the Master’s thesis, Jewish Life in Latin America. She was awarded "First Place" in the International Art Competition, "My Jerusalem," by Mayor Teddy Kollek and Baron Edmond de Rothschild.
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