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Trump’s Anti-Semitism Czar is a great orator but has no time for questions

Two-and-a-half block from where Anti-Semitism Czar & Senior State Department Official Special Envoy Elan Carr’s grandmother used to live when he was young, he held a presentation for “young adults in their 20s & 30s exclusively” (and some people from the 20s and 30s — almost).

The venue was small and just full. The audience was reasonably in time, the speaker and moderator were not. But we were off to a good start with a long monologue that was to-the-point, substantial and comprehensive. There were a few softballs from the moderator and a few journalists which added little. But because he didn’t really take questions, I’ll ask mine here.

The Three Sources of Anti-Semitism

He explained at length that there are three sources of anti-Semitism:

  • The ultra-right. Xenophobic, racist, White supremacists.
  • The ultra-left. The so-called new anti-Semitism among students.
  • Islamic extremism.

These three sources hate each other but they have in common that they also hate Jews.

However, there are a fourth and a fifth source of anti-Semitism:

  • Fundamentalist Christians. After the Holocaust, they got cleverer in hiding their disdain and revulsion of Jews. It may show in their church promoting BDS or missionary activity among Jews.
  • But the greatest source, larger than all the above four groups combined, we could call the silent majority. People not seethed with hatred and not obsessed with Jews or Israel. They may carry some common misunderstandings and prejudices about Jews but basically, they simply don’t care. They let villains do their dirty work because it’s not an issue for them. The ‘decent’ bystanders. He did not say what to do against this major source of bias against Jews.

The second one of the five is now the most violent one. He called the indoctrination of young Muslim children with Jew-hatred child abuse.

A Newer Anti-Semitism

He is right when he says that the extreme-left-wing ‘new anti-Semitism‘ is nothing new but rather old wine in new bottles:

  • Instead of the Jew being seen as the pariah among mankind, Israel is treated as a pariah State among the Nations.
  • Instead of saying that Jews are murderers of Jesus and Christian kids, Israel is accused of genocide on the Palestinian People.
  • The Nazi-Germany ‘Kauft night bei Juden‘ has been replaced by BDS.
  • The Jew was blamed for being hated and now Israel is being blamed for anti-Zionism. (While anti-Semitism is a psychological illness that is a disgrace for mankind and not caused by Jews. I like Bishop Ulrich Neymeyr declaration: “Antisemitism is not an opinion.”) Etc.

And of course, the ‘I myself have Jewish friends (I even once played tennis with one)’ and ‘Jews are an inspiration to all of us‘ is replaced by ‘I’ve been in Israel, a wonderful country where I have many friends’ (Sanders).

And of course, if an anti-Semite can say ‘I’m a proud Jew myself,’ he can’t be accused of being an anti-Semitic, can he? Though women can be anti-feminism sexists and properly married men can be too.

But there is more. This makeover happened decades ago. There is a newer transformation.

The Newest Anti-Semitism

Instead of saying: Israel is an imperialist racist colonialist state, the anti-Semitic dog whistle became: ‘I support Israel’s right to exist in security but …’ This Bernie Sanders said again in the last debate, then equating Israel and the regime in Gaza (which is sacrificing its population to its genocidal fight against Israel for which then Israel is blamed). Like sexist women who say that they ‘of course’ support women’s rights but also the rights of men.

Pete Buttigieg there said something even worse: ‘[Trump is a]cting as though that [his solidarity with Israel] somehow is making him pro-Israel and pro-Jewish while welcoming White Nationalists into the White House.’ He relates Israel and White Nationalists, which is an upgrade of the old: Israelis are the new Nazis and Palestinians are the new Jews.

(Connecting Israel and Nazis falls within the international definition of anti-Semitism. So does blaming all Jews because of the actions of one or a few Jews. Sanders justifies his relative anti-Israel stand on his hatred for Netanyahu and Buttigieg here blamed it all on Stephen Miller.)

‘Israel is occupying the West Bank’ (while it merely liberated it from Jordanian occupation) is now replaced by ‘Israel must strive for a Two-State Solution’ (while All Parties in Israel agree that at the moment with the best of will this can’t be realized). And, they’re committing war crimes.

These are examples of how old anti-Zionist (anti-Semitic) slogans are now camouflaged into very polite, mainstream, and politically correct ideas that are really hostile to the dignity and safety of Israeli and the Jewish People. Most people who follow these leaders are regular good people but these leaders themselves know that they’re lying and trying to sell anti-Semitism.

On the left, among US university students, is popular Intersectionality. This is a repackaging of the old Marxist idea that ‘As long as one is oppressed, no one is free.’ Intersectionality means two things. 1. All oppressions are interconnected and keep all the others running. 2. Each oppressed person knows what oppression is like and so has ways to better understand other oppressions/oppressed. The problem with this nice theory is that it claims that Jews are not an oppressed group but a group of oppressors. Thus, it bundles all oppressed against the Jews. Trump’s envoy didn’t discuss this.

Trump’s Philo-Semitism

In typical US overstatement, he called the US the most philo-Semitic country in the world. That is obviously not true. It was only three years ago that President Obama revengefully betrayed Israel with UNSC Resolution 2234 because it had not obeyed him and made ‘peace’ on his conditions. The US population is indeed much more pro-Jewish. It were the regular US pilots who flew over Auschwitz who asked permission to bomb it — it was the senior political echelon that said no.

But there are countries in the Pacific and Asia who have voted for Israel as long as the Jewish State exists. They don’t make that conditional on Israeli obedience or cooperation. They don’t berate Israel pretending to be more moral than the Jewish State.

They remember the Maranos who settled there, hundreds of years ago. These were lovely people, on a high cultural, intellectual, and moral level. These countries have the highest esteem for Jews forever. I once saw an interview with one of these presidents. He simply said: ‘Why don’t you Israelis just kill anyone who objects to your democratic state?’

He also said no word, of course, on how Trump is causing anti-Semitism by not condemning White supremacists unless from a written text, by having so many visible Jews around him who do his dirty work and by supporting Israel to the extreme which comes across as unfair.


He was optimistic, for three reasons.

  • Israel exists as a safe haven and that is not to be underestimated.
  • So many leaders begin to get closer to Israel. He did not mention that often that is not because they saw the folly of anti-Semitism but because that would be good for business, security, etc.
  • Trump is doing well fighting Jew-hatred. He did not mention that it took forever before someone got the job he got and that in the past three years anti-Semitic violence, including murder, in the US has skyrocketed.

He pleaded for Jewish unity to end anti-Semitism. “Jews can’t disagree on anti-Semitism.” He didn’t acknowledge the existence of or offer a solution for the many Jews at the forefront of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism.

Without much explanation, he said that he was optimistic about bringing anti-Semitism down. “Otherwise I would not have taken this job.” He did not explain. A world-wide prayer against anti-Semitism is in order.


I told the envoy afterward that, strangely, there was no security check at the door at all. A mistake not to be repeated ever again.

Happy Chanukah!

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