Trump’s Grandstand

I have always maintained that Trump was never good for Israel, despite all that he is perceived to have done. In reality he has caused more anti-Israel sentiment than any of his predecessors. I have also been a  critic of the pending annexation of parts of the West Bank which thankfully did not take place, but been put on ‘ice” due to the announcement of strengthening ties between Israel and the UAE.

The announcement is indeed good news and if it can hold, will be of great benefit to the region and perhaps incentive for more to follow.

The “breaking news” by Trump together with an assembly of his inner circle including Kushner was so contrived and so noticeably staged to enhance his failing image, was almost laughable if not so obvious. There was much commentary on the international news channels about the behind the scenes relations between the Gulf States and Israel, who never miss the opportunity to malign Israel’s “brutal occupation” as well as condemnation from the Palestinians and other hard line Arab quarters.

Both Trump and Netanyahu, two of the most despised world leaders by the international press, and others, are fodder for negative comment on their own. But a theory put forward  that this “deal” was engineered by Netanyahu through his announcement of annexation a while back which created a frenzy of condemnation from so many quarters, then stalled for a few weeks and suddenly the “breaking news” with Trump taking all the credit. Perhaps a form of pay back by Netanyahu to help bolster Trumps image at home as well as garner more US support  for Israel prior to the upcoming elections in the US. A plausible theory nevertheless. This theory gains some traction insofar as showing the Arab world that it was the US and not any direct contact with Israel that consummated the arrangement demonstrating the arms- length attitude towards Israel.

One can conjure any number of theories, what is of importance is that the world is growing weary with the Israeli – Palestinian problem and this move, despite that naysayer Ben Weideman of CNN gives a sliver of hope for the revival of the Two State Solution which must ultimately come to fruition if there is ever to be a peaceful co-existence in the region, especially in the post Covid19 era.

One must certainly give Netanyahu credit for his “engineering” and certainly achieving this breakthrough which is indeed significant. Again theoretically thinking perhaps this is in reality a brilliant strategy given events at home here in Israel these past weeks with the PM coming under such vociferous criticism and attacks by the continuous demonstrations against his Covid19 management, the economy and other issues under the spotlight. This move will certain elevate his profile and perhaps save yet another election or the breakup of his partnership with Ganz.

About the Author
Allan is a member of the South African (SA) Israel Media Team - lobby group that challenges negative reporting about Israel. The SA mainstream press is amongst the most hostile and biased press concerning Israel and supports BDS as is the ANC government of that country. He has been a contributor to combatting the false and sometime fabricated reporting on Israel and has had many letters to the editors published.
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