Trump’s Historic Solution for Gaza

Given Gaza’s population of 1.8 million people boxed in in a narrow 141 sqm strip (by comparison, Delaware is almost 10 times that size) with little natural resources, and given an unemployment rate of 52%, and given a population controlled by Hamas terrorists, it may seem like nothing can be done in order to change the reality in Gaza.

However, there is a simple and practical solution that deserves attention: Freeing Gazans. The people should be freed of their Hamas overlords and slums. Freedom from Gaza is the first step to a better future. Countries need to allow them to enter on humanitarian grounds.

And Gazans would welcome the opportunity to shake free. According to Palestinian officials, over 80% of Gazans would leave Gaza if given the chance.

Then, why doesn’t the international community unite and grant Gazans refugee status? Why should developed countries keep Gazans bottled up?  Why don’t we hear of a UN initiative to galvanize international support for Gazan refugees? Last, why doesn’t the UN build a transit station in Egypt until their permanent homes are ready?

Here is the simple answer:

Cynically, the international community insists on Gazans staying put. They serve as convenient human shields for Hamas/Jihad missiles en route Israel’s population centers. Partnering with the international community are the local terrorist militias. They hold their people as pawns in order to keep international pressure on Israel. Gaza terrorists need to shift the focus, blame, and narrative away from the real issue: their corruption.

Israel is key to their strategy. This has been the reason why the UN is keeping three generations of Palestinians chained to refugee camps instead of helping them set sail and integrate into their new, host countries.

Understanding this hypocrisy, the Trump administration is going to launch a historic opportunity to help the Palestinian people by taking initiative and investing in the rehabilitation of the Palestinians. The ‘Deal of the Century’ offers substantial economic benefits to all participating parties. Egypt and Jordan are reportedly on board and are expected to lead these efforts. So is Israel. However, Palestinian leaders fiercely oppose Trump’s generous plan because they don’t want to rehabilitate their own people. Simply, they don’t want to end the Middle East conflict.

This explains why Hamas/Jihad leaders are always itching to start additional rounds of bloodshed and violence in Gaza. They cannot afford to lose their human shields, their cannon fodder. This also explains why the Palestinian Authority won’t even meet with the American negotiators. They understand that unlike previous diplomats, Greenblatt and Kushner care about the Palestinian people and NOT about their corrupt government.

This may be the last opportunity to help Palestinians and set them free from their own failed leaders, leaders that have taken advantage of their own people, indoctrinating generations of Palestinians to believe that hate is more important than prosperity.

Suffering Palestinians must decide if they want a better future or to remain stuck in endless cycles of conflict and poverty.

About the Author
Elkana has been active in the field of experiential education and social entrepreneurship for over 10 years, focusing on community building, social awareness, humanities and Jewish identity. Leading educational programs and tours from over 20 countries, Elkana encourages independent thinking. He is well experienced in leading thought provoking discussions on many topics. After spending a year volunteering with children at risk in the development town of Ofakim and serving for three years in an elite reconnaissance unit in the IDF including serious combat in Lebanon, Elkana's passion for education comes from a deep understanding of the need for positive change. A change that can only come when individuals challenge today's reality and come together in order to offer an alternative on both a personal and global level.
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