Twenty photos of Jerusalem as you’ve never seen it

The city of Jerusalem is undoubtedly one of the most important places in the world.

A center for the world’s three main religions, Jerusalem has numerous sites of worship, rich with history thousands of years old. While archeologists keep unveiling its many secrets, the city evolves into one of the most modern and vibrant in the Middle East.

Most of us are familiar with images of Jerusalem dominated by a golden dome and surrounded by ancient walls. Sometimes we see images of bad news, scenes of war or conflict, collisions between religious or political groups. But Jerusalem is way beyond that.

Living so close to this magnificent city, I have had the privilege of experiencing Jerusalem year-round and this experience is beyond words.

So here are 20 photos that will show you a different perspective of Jerusalem, as you have never seen it before.

1. The first view that you see from the very entrance to the city – The Jerusalem Hills.

jerusalem hills view israel
Views of the Jerusalem Hills

2. Another view usually not associated with Jerusalem, is this serene setting of the city’s Biblical Zoo.

biblical zoo jerusalem israel
The setting of Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo

3. When seasons change and winter comes, the city takes on the look and feel of a European capital.

jaffa street train jerusalem
Jaffa Street on a wet winter evening

4. Everything holy wears a beautiful white blanket.

russian church of the holy trinity
The Russian Holy Trinity Church

5. The usually crowded Western Wall is left only to the most dedicated of worshipers.

western wall during snowfall
Lone worshiper at the snowy Western Wall

6. When the storm is over, the city’s sheer beauty is revealed again.

jerusalem old city
Entrance to the Old City

7. Hidden gems can be found when entering deep into the Jewish Quarter, in the heart of the Old City.

jewish qurater old city jerusalem
Welcome to the Jewish Quarter

8. Beauty of all colors can be enjoyed while walking through the Mahane Yehuda food market.

mahne yehuda food market jerusalem
Colorful spices at the Mahne Yehuda market

9. The Old City Market also offers some extraordinarily colorful pieces.

old city market plates jerusalem
Old City Market merchandise

10. Jerusalem is a place to witness thousands of years of fascinating history. Some sites are hidden underground, like the Western Wall tunnels.

western wall tunnels jerusalem
The fascinating Western Wall Tunnels

11. Other sites are carved in rock, like the ancient tombs at the Kidron Valley, dating back to the Second Temple period.

kidron valley tombs jerusalem
Ancient tombs carved in rock, Kidron Valley

12. Jerusalem is not all ancient though. Even the Israeli Parliament is an example of its more modern sites.

israel knesset jerusalem
Israeli House of Parliament, the Knesset

13. Jerusalem is an innovative city, one that fuses ancient walls with modern art, as does the Festival of Light each year.

damascus gate festival of light jerusalem
Damascus Gate, as seen only once a year

14. The Festival is the best time to witness the balance between old and new, ancient and modern.

birdeye view of jerusalem old city
Old Vs. New, bird-eye view of Jerusalem’s Old City

15. Jerusalem is a city of the past, always respecting its origins.

ten commandments borad mount zion
The Ten Commandments at Mount Zion

16. A city that remembers, at the world renowned Holocaust Memorial Museum, Yad Vashem.

yad vashem museum jerusalem
Yad Vashem, Holocaust Memorial Museum

17. A city of the present, with picturesque lively neighborhoods.

yemin moshe jewish neighborhood jerusalem
The Jewish neighborhood of Yemin Moshe

18. And a city of the future, with ever growing contemporary spaces.

mamilla shopping center jerusalem
Mamilla shopping center

19. Jerusalem will always be the center for all religions, living side by side.

mount of olives view jerusalem
Side by side, fusion of religions in Jerusalem

20. A city that is a feast for the eyes, Jerusalem will surely spark a celebration in your heart.

fireworks over the tower of david jerusalem
Fireworks over the Tower of David

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About the Author
Noam Chen is a Tel Aviv-based photographer, specializing mostly in Landscape and Portraits. His work has been published in newspapers and magazines across the world, including National Geographic magazine, Entrepreneur, The Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Le Figaro and more. He has exhibited in group and sole exhibitions in Israel, France and the U.S. Noam works closely with the Tourism and Real Estate industries in Israel, and now offers photography services throughout the U.S as well.
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