Two Lisas Speak About נחמו (Comfort)


Flight 93 – Lisa Beamer And Lisa Jefferson

Of the many stories coming out of 9/11, was the famous conversation between Lisa Jefferson, the airphone supervisor at Verizon call center headquarters on the ground,  and Todd Beamer, Lisa’s husband, who died on Flight 93. Larry King interviews them both for CNN at the following link-

Lisa Beamer & Lisa Jefferson Speak To Larry King

Lisa Jefferson’s Personal Story

Lisa Jefferson adds many unique details about her conversation with Todd Beamer in this very informative article published roughly 15 years ago by at the following link-

Lisa Beamer speaks to Wheaton Alumni About Parshat Nachamu And Her Faith In G-d

Here is the link-

Yes, that is correct, Lisa’s speech was very impressive because she calmly told her audience how much faith she had in G-d, despite having her beloved husband Todd taken away from her due to a terrorist attack.

And then at the 11:50 mark of the video, she tells the audience how much she loves Isaiah Chapter 40, which “foreshadows  Moshiach’s (The Messaiah)’s coming.  What is more amazing for me as I am listening to Lisa speak is her focus on the very section of Prophet Isaiah that Jews read throughout the world following the first Shabbat after the 9th day of Av on the Hebrew calendar. On that day, both the first and second Temples were destroyed. This year, the 9th of Av begins immediately after Shabbat on July 17 until after sunset July 18, during which time Jews do not drink or eat.

We will therefore read Chapter 40 of Isaiah verses 1 through 26 during Shabbat the following week or July 24. That Shabbat is given a special name of Comfort which is spelled נחמו in Hebrew. I have written about the Hebrew word נחמו many times before.

The Word נחמו = נה    &  מו

On August 18, 2020, I wrote a Blog analyzing the word נחמו  or comfort which can be split into two parts. A link to my Blog appears above.

I mention this word other times as well. I am finding some very unique stories hidden in many current events we are all witnessing during the recent past and will be happy to share them with you in coming Blogs.

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