Tzitter and Twitter

It looks pretty likely that this president will not be serving a full term. Impeachment won’t be tomorrow, but it’s clearly a strong possibility. Unless resignation comes first.  But, that’s the good news.

The bad news is that until such time that we are no trump we’ve still got him in the White House……at least the few days a week that he’s not draining the budget (but not the swamp) with his trips to Florida..

The real question in front of us is does he ever tell the truth?  

I’ve never been a big follower of politics,  It was always sort of a yawn to me. Lots of power hungry, mostly male, talking heads impressed by their own rhetoric and usually in search of glory more than goodness.

This election, late in my life, has changed all that.  I’m really not young enough to be afraid for myself of very many things. But I am afraid for my progeny.  I know they won’t blame me for our present government here in the US, or in Israel for that matter, but it’s hard to be ambivalent in our present milieu.  We’ve got a president who lies for a living and a bunch of wimps in the White House and Congress who tzitter (I think that Yiddish word is so much more applicable than anything comparable in English) at his every paranoid tweet……with or without quotation marks.

Some of us may have short memories and don’t quite recall that the lies preceded the candidacy.  We heard from all the vendors who were promised payment (which is the normal way of doing business), and never got it.

And we heard about all the freiers who attended Trump University to begin their days as real estate tycoons.  There’s a reason our present prez paid out millions of dollars in a lawsuit to those students who called his bluff in court.

His modus operandi has always been to build his empire by cheating the little guys.  How ironic that those little guys got him elected.  And how ironic that they’re now the ones who will be hit hardest by his lunacy.

It’s alarming that we cannot believe a single word emanating from his mouth or twitter account.  The whole world knows he’s lying and one day it may come back to haunt us.

For example, if there’s a threat to our homeland, will you believe him? Will you wave your flag and cheer on our military? Will you be proud of your sons fighting to defend these United States?  It will be very hard to rally around President Trump.  Won’t it?  So what will we do? Pretty scary.  Actually terrifying!

And do you trust him as the last stop before nuclear war?  He’s the guy with the suitcase and the code.  If he says, drop a bomb, they’ll drop the bomb.  Talk about tzittering.

He lies about absolutely everything.  And we are impotent.  The only thing I can feel good about is that I did not vote for him.  Did you?  Are you now admiring the US Embassy in Jerusalem then?  Whoops.  Just another in the tremendously long string of lies!

About the Author
Rosanne Skopp is a wife, mother of four, grandmother of fourteen, and great-grandmother of three. She is a graduate of Rutgers University and travels back and forth between homes in New Jersey and Israel. She is currently writing a family history.