Camie Davis

U2 and the Divine Presence

I’m sure I’m not the only one who hears a U2 song and immediately thinks about the Temple Mount and the Divine Presence, aka the Shechinah. Okay, maybe I am.

Pandora treated me to a song I haven’t heard in years – U2’s remake of “Unchained Melody.” My heart ached while listening. And I breathed a prayer that I admit somewhat sounded like a complaint as I said, “When are You going to come back?”

Ezekiel described G-d’s Divine Presence leaving the Temple Mount. You know, the feminine aspect of G-d. Our Mother. And, oh, how we need the Mothering side of G-d back.

But I know my prayer isn’t what will bring the Shechinah back. I’m not Jewish. I know my prayer counts for something, and I know that my ascension on the Temple Mount counts for something. And that my declaration of Hashem’s sovereignty while on the Temple Mount counts for something. But it’s not the same.

My ache, my longing, my stance, my invitation for the Shechinah to return is not the same as an ache, a longing, a stance, an invitation from a Jew.

The other night my daughter prayed that G-d would ignite a spark in the Jewish people to realize the need for the Temple. So this is my attempt to help G-d ignite sparks.

Close your eyes and listen. Please. I know it’s weird. But it’s time to get a little weird. Listen and hopefully long for the return of the Divine Presence. And please let the desperation in Bono’s voice become a part of your prayers and actions. It’s time to stop acting like we are okay without the Divine Presence. It’s time to remember that we are desperate.

Listen here: Unchained Melody


About the Author
Camie Davis is a non-Jewish writer and advocate for Israel.