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UAE’s envoy to Italy upbeat on the Abraham Accords

“The Abraham Accords signed on 15 September 2020 are a milestone in the history of the Middle East,” declared the United Arab Emirate’s Ambassador to Italy Omar Obeid Mohamed Al-Shamsi, who spoke via video at a conference entitled “The Abraham Accords: A Hope For the Future” held by the Luigi Einaudi Foundation in Rome today.

UAE’s Ambassador to Italy went on to say that his country is thoroughly committed to the values of peace, coexistence and tolerance in a “new vision of global prosperity,” which he considers “important for future generations.” Expounding upon the latter, he emphasized the following: “Since the founding of the UAE, our goal has been the development of the Emirates and cooperation with other countries,” and the Abraham Accords are a step in the right direction. “This year we shall stay the course at Expo 2020 Dubai,” which will host a tribute to the Accords revealed UAE’s Ambassador.

Al-Shamsi also paid lip service to Italy, an “important partner” with historic ties to both Israel and the Emirates. As for economic prospects, he expressed confidence that the UAE will seek increasing cooperation with Israel on health, technology, and energy, as well as in agriculture and food security.

“We must work together now more than ever for our future and that of our children,” he concluded.

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