UK Unity

The British Jewish community, like those around the world, often debates Israel. The old adage of “two Jews, three opinions” still holds true. We sometimes disagree on Israel’s policy, its approach and on our visions for its future. These disagreements can sometimes be heated and passionate.

But the things that unite us are stronger and more important. When Israel is under attack we stand with it. Israel cannot bear rocket attacks from Gaza onto its major cities, directed and fired by Hamas. We support Israel in its efforts to stop the rockets.

We are especially lucky to have an excellent Israeli Ambassador, Daniel Taub, who has been a powerful advocate for Israel in the media. Perhaps it was partly his work that led William Hague, the UK’s Foreign Secretary, to stress that

Hamas bears principal responsibility for the current crisis.

and to

utterly condemn rocket attacks from Gaza.

Jewish community and pro-Israel organisations from across the religious and political spectrum have jointly written to Ambassador Taub to express our support for Israel in this difficult time.

Our letter is clear that

The current Operation Pillar of Defence is an entirely understandable response to the intolerable assault upon the citizens of Southern Israel and the continued provocations of Hamas – an antisemitic terrorist organisation.

Our unity matches the unity in Israeli society and throughout the Jewish world. Hamas can’t be allowed to threaten the lives of hundreds of thousands of Israelis in southern and central Israel. The rockets must stop.

About the Author
Cllr Jeremy Newmark is Leader of the Labour Group and Principal Opposition Leader at Hertsmere Borough Council. He is also an elected member of the European Jewish Parliament and the General Council of the World Zionist Organisation