Ulcers? High Blood Pressure? Or —–

The man no one really knows (or even wants to) is a man of many names… first Mileikowsky. Then Netanyahu, then Ben Nitai, and back to Netanyahu. Married three times. Divorced twice. Three children: Noa, Yair and Avner.

His first child and only daughter Noa was born on April 29, 1978 at Harvard Medical Center in Boston. USA. She was born to her mother Miriam Weizmann Netanyahu (Haran) while her father was occupied sexually with Fleur Cates who became his second brief wife following his 1978 divorce from Miriam.

He did not attend Noa’s birth and he divorced Miriam when his first child was only a few months old.

He abandoned his only daughter Noa (Netanyahu-Roth) who married David and ultimately his 4 grandchildren whom he does not see (unless Sara permits it, rarely, maybe once every few years) .

His first marriage lasted six years. His second marriage lasted three years. And his present marriage to Sara has lasted much too long. Her first marriage to Doron Neuberger in 1980 lasted for seven years until their 1987 divorce.

His younger son, Avner, the best of all the Netanyahus, obviously inherited his good genes from saba Ben-Zion Netanyahu and from saba Shmuel Ben-Artzi… two brilliant historians and authors.

Where the older son Yair inherited his genes, allegedly on an El Al flight, is simply bathroom talk !.

The Netanyahu brothers are sons of two previously divorced parents who led an over-active sex life.

With all the years of stress and strain, both marital and political, one has to be amazed at the prime minister, Bibi must be made of steel or iron.

Does he suffer from ulcers? Or from high blood pressure and tension? Or…… or?

It would be necessary to check with his female secretaries and staff (all appointed only with Sara’s approval) !!

Whatever is the source of his incredible strength should be marketed. Perhaps TEVA could create a “Bibi Vitamin” which would enhance all of our lives into octogenarian plus years.

I once voted for him in the earlier years when he was a source of inspiration to most of the nation. I did not consider it a mistake. But I would most definitely consider it a great mistake to vote for him again.

The dictatorial years may suit Erdogan and the Turks but are detestable when copied by an Israeli leader.

How a father could abandon a child and grandchildren is beyond my comprehension but Noa Roth and her family are far better off at a distance from him.
Infidelity is contagious and Noa and her four children must remain immune to Bibi’s “disease”.

His failure to establish a coalition to govern the nation is perhaps his greatest failure to date (not considering his failed marriages).

A second round of elections on September 17 (no doubt following his indictment by Attorney General Mandelblit) will cost the nation millions of shekels and the results could end up being the same or similar to the past election.

President Rivlin, following his period of mourning for his beloved wife Nechama, should use his presidential powers to select another candidate from another party (or hopefully Sa’ar from Likud) to unify the country and to erase us from the dark shame of Netanyahu-ism.

If Bibi is suffering from ulcers there are medications to help him. If he is suffering from the tension of high blood pressure, there are medications to lower it.

And if his pain does not subside, he can fall back upon his previous two solutions.

Get a divorce. A third one begins with the Hebrew letter Gimel.

Get a Get !!!

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Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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