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Ultra-Orthodox Leaders May Be Ignoring the Good Things about the Internet

It may seem strange to take a stand against the Internet, but there is a large number of mainstream Jewish leaders and members of the community actively fighting the web. A rally was once held to talk about the Internet and the supposed dangers it holds.

The Problem with the Internet

The idea of living, at least for a day, without technology is not an alien concept to the Jewish community, but fighting the Internet definitely feels a little different. There are two main reasons some Jewish leaders fear the Internet is beyond saving: filth and cultural invasion.

Some leaders of the Jewish community feel that immorality is inescapable on the Internet, and this goes beyond pornography. People are tempted to consume things they do not need through carefully placed ads. Furthermore, several leaders have also noticed that younger generations are changing due to this new technology. Their attention is not what it used to be because the Internet gives them the opportunity to switch off what bores them.

There is no doubt that these concerns are worth discussing, but some of these individuals may be ignoring the positive aspects of being online and the need to integrate in the modern world.

Why Internet Rocks for Jewish Communities

The following are some ways those in the Jewish community are thriving online:

Businesses Find Friends

There is no doubt that small business owners need support, especially at the beginning. The problem is finding support can be a little hard, but the internet is solving this issue for many of these young entrepreneurs through social media platforms and forums. For example, the Tribe of Angels is a group of investors who go online and try to find Jewish business owners with a vision and in need of financial support.

Access Is Easier

Business owners, self-employed individuals, and online businesses who are starting up have trouble getting the things they need. The Internet has changed that by introducing affordable ways to gain access to some of the tools innovators might need to move forward. For example, online businesses or artists who might need a program to edit their photographs professionally do not need to spend an insurmountable amount of cash to get the program. The only thing these individuals have to do is use some software. I findthe Aurora HDR software easy to use. There are hundreds of similar online solutions that cut costs significantly for the little people, giving them a real chance at success.

Jewish Dating

Finding the right mate can be hard. This gets harder for those who want to find that special someone within the Jewish community. Thankfully, people who want to make sure their traditions and culture stay strong are using the Internet effectively. More men and women are finding love online than before. Jewish leaders who worry that the Internet may weaken Jewish faith may want to reconsider that since it seems that some devoted individuals are using the web to strengthen their faith and establish Jewish families.

These are just some of the ways members of the Jewish community are taking advantage of the web. Of course, the Internet is filled with advertisements, which may lead some people to temptation, but this danger exists everywhere. It is clear that this medium can be a helpful tool. Those seeking to ban it may want to consider finding ways to educate others on how to use this tool without disrespecting their values and beliefs.

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