Uniquely qualified

Al-Qaeda-linked group claims border attack on IDF | The Times of Israel

Even if one were to take the long view, then prospects for bringing about a successful conclusion to this long-running saga still appear to be vanishingly small; much as they have been from its very beginning.

Is it a problem with the Israelis?

Is it the Palestinians?

Is it both?

Is it neither?

Is it the rest of us?

Or is it just bad luck all round and we must therefore make the best use of circumstances so completely unmanageable that, to date, they have defied and defeated entire legions of peacemakers, politicians, statesmen and whoever else has entered the fray since it all started?

But the best way to go forward in such matters would be – what exactly?

1.    At the end of the day, a settlement has to be reached wherein all sides can approach each other in the certain knowledge that such an agreement promises to hold. And it does so not for just a brief period of time but well into the foreseeable future. And even some way beyond.

2.    Given that every previous attempt at resolution has produced not one really viable outcome, it follows that the next in line must guarantee an end to this sad and singular lack of result. Otherwise, why bother?

3.    The solution, should it come to pass, must be able to easily counter any and all reasonable objections to its deployment and whatever subsequent developments might then take place.

Well now, who would have reckoned this to be the only candidate uniquely qualified to take on every one of the tasks outlined above?

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