Jeremy Dery

United we are strong, divided we will fail

My fellow colleagues (Natan and Lizi) and I decided to make a Pro-Israel video expressing appreciation, help, and support from Israel to the American Jewish communities, in particular AIPAC. The clip serves as a reminder to AIPAC that they must continue to help and stand by Israel during these difficult times while expressing appreciation and love for their continued support for Israel. The various issues facing Israel includes the peace process, increased terrorism on its borders due to the Arab Spring and the Syrian Civil war, nuclear threat from Iran, and the BDS movement’s threat of boycotts and sanctions. The safety and security of Israel must be the uniting factor for all world Jewry while ensuring the ironclad bond between American Jewry and Israel will be everlasting.

The video message was created by average Israelis (Natan and Lizi are born in Israel, I am an oleh hadash from the states) to AIPAC with emphasis of the beautiful connection and history behind the rebirth of Israel and the Jewish people. The clip emphasizes the various achievements and innovations which Israel shares with the world to aid mankind in such a short span of time. The shooting took 3 hours in Rehavia. We filmed it on a rooftop overlooking Jerusalem and the Israel Museum. Natan Epstein helped with shooting and starring in the clip with Lizi Hameiri as the lead Israeli female star. I decided to use an Israeli woman who spoke perfect English and one who is articulate and beautiful because I was inspired by the video created by the young beautiful Ukranian woman who pleaded for global support during the Ukrainian civil war.

The message is very clear- united we are strong,divided we will fail. The Jewish world must always remain united even though there is differences within the Jewish world. The Jewish world must stand with Israel because at the end of the day, Israel is the only Jewish state and will always be there for their Jewish brethren. A clear and persistent emergency is the increased Anti Semitic violence and laws in Europe which now European Jewry have a safe country to flee due to persecution and threats. Also, the Israeli government can petition other European governments to stand firm against Anti-Semitic acts perpetrated within their own countries.

The strongest and most influential Jewish community outside of Israel is in the states. AIPAC is one of the top leading pro Israel organization that represents the Jewish world. There is division among the Jewish communities in the states on how to best support Israel from the left leaning J-Street to AIPAC to the right leaning ZOA. All opinions should be conducted within the Jewish world privately in order to properly move forward and remain focused on the most essential task which is support for Israel. There must be a constant two way partnership between the American Jews and Israel.

These are very tedious times between the Obama administration and Israel due to increasing demands made by the American administration during the peace negotiations including releasing cold blooded terrorists and freezing settlements while there is no condemnation by the american administration of the various incitement and violent acts perpetrated by the Palestinian Authority.

Also, the issue of Jonathan Pollard continued incarceration. He should be released immediately in light of the Snowden revelations.The American Jewish world must help to secure his freedom with the support and push by the Israeli government and Israeli citizens.

Lizi,  Natan, and I plan to do more videos, debates, and articles about the conflict and the Israel/Diaspora Jewish relationship. I would like to thank them for their wonderful contribution, time, and effort to show the world that Israelis care deeply about Israel and maintaining and growing the bond between Israel and the Diaspora.

To view the clip, please click below:

Israelis Addressing the AIPAC Policy Conference 2014

About the Author
Jeremy has worked in the Knesset with the Likud minister Ayoob Kara. He has also promoted the Likud party during the recent elections. Jeremy has used social media tools in order to promote the Israeli agenda worldwide, particularly during various military operations in the past five years. Jeremy graduated from Tel Aviv University with a Masters degree in Conflict Resolution. He also assists various pro-Israel groups as a guest speaker discussing various issues relating to the peace process, the refugees, and how to be more active within Israeli political circles.