Unravelling the Web of U.S. Political Deceit

One of the most frequent questions floated at the dinner tables since the last U.S. Presidential election, has been “Why did Joe Biden select Kamela Harris to be his running mate?” Surely a woman of such simplicity, lack of experience in the international arena, and one who was “dumped” from her presidential ambitions early in the campaign, was not worthy of the U.S. Vice-Presidency? And what would happen if the now-President Biden should be totally incapacitated or die while in office? How was the idea of a “President Harris” even fathomable?

On the surface, the selection of Mrs. Harris as a running-mate was clever. She is obviously not only a woman…but a black woman. It does not get better than that in the America of today. After the success of President Obama’s elections, it was clear that the American voters were not only accepting, but inclined to prefer persons of color…and a woman of color was a tremendous asset at the time. Accepting these basic concepts is important as a starting point… but in fact, are a superficial analysis of a much more complex goal.

Political decisions are rarely as innocent as they appear. One must begin with the acceptance that the Joe Biden of today, is incapable of coming to major decisions on his own. His “handlers” wisely kept him sequestered during his Presidential campaign to minimize the damage he could unwittingly do to his own campaign, when his thought processes became muddled on camera. Those same “handlers” who orchestrated his election, remained the real decision makers… and clearly are the non-elected persons who rule from behind the scenes. While, this is not a revelation to most who read my articles… I would like to suggest that we all go one step further and ask ourselves once again… “Why Kamela?” My answer is quite simply that should the President, fall ill… die… or be brought down in disrepute, Ms. Kamela would be the perfect person to replace the President, not because of her qualifications, but because of her lack of them. One puppet would be replaced by another. The same cabal of individuals who now direct Biden’s movements and decisions would simply continue to do the same with a weak Vice-President turned President by the name of Kamela.

I appreciate that Hindsight makes us all appear smarter than we really deserve. But hindsight makes it possible for the pieces of a puzzle to fall into place.

This week’s U.S. House of Representatives’ press conference held by House Oversight committee chairman James Comer reveals that more than 10 million dollars in foreign money has been deposited in more than 20 shell companies and “LLC”s belonging to nine members of the Biden family. The revelations of these elected officials on the investigation of President Biden’s family members receipt of monies in exchange for access to power, was an OMG moment (Oh My God!)… Clear proof that more than a dozen fake companies were created by the Biden clan in order to funnel pay-offs from China, Romania and many other nations to influence the U.S. President in matters of importance. Proof positive that bank accounts received multiple million-dollar transfers in the names of many of the Biden family members, and one bank account with no name at all… One does not need to be omniscient to ascertain to whom that account belongs. Proof positive of accepting bribes from foreign nations and money laundering. It does not get worse than this in the halls of power.

These revelations have been made public after the House committee subpoenaed thousands of banking records and after following up on “170 plus suspicious activity reports “ which multiple banks reported to the criminal division of the U.S. Treasury department. It is quite interesting that none of those reports resulted in internal investigations which became public until the House Oversight Committee demanded the information be released. Why exactly do these reporting procedures exist, if not to be checked and re-checked? It begins to appear as though the rules apply to the average citizen, but not to those in the halls of the White House.

It will come as no surprise to many that the only television station which aired the live Congressional Press Conference was Fox News. I looked at CNN and the other stations available in English in the Middle East to discover whether they were on target for their audiences as well. If there is still anyone left who believes that the other U.S. news stations are unbiased, this is the final proof. An earth-shattering…at least an American-shattering revelation that liberal news outlets hoped they could ignore.
This is not a moment to be indifferent. Again, in hindsight, it is quite possible that when those who wield power in the Democratic party through their control of then-candidate Biden were not dismissive of the information revealed on the Hunter-Biden Laptop. It was useful in a convoluted plan. Biden was their perfect candidate, because he could be managed…manipulated…handled. Even though the elected administration was highly successful in suppressing the investigations supposedly initiated into the laptop revelations by the FBI, CIA or their cohorts… there was always the anticipation that Biden would not survive this presidency either due to health, or revelations such as we are witnessing at this very moment.

The selection of Kamela Harris as the Vice Presidential running mate for Biden was quite simply a stroke of genius for those who actually hold the power of the United States in their grasp. For their purposes, it does not matter whether Biden survives his Presidency. They have Kamela waiting in the wings to continue to do as she is told on matters way beyond the periphery of her knowledge and ability.

When I wrote my article titled “An Open Letter to Jill Biden” on October 29, 2020, I suggested that she might want to be protective of her beloved husband with cognitive decline by discouraging him from his Presidential ambitions. When I mentioned that there was a very real possibility that he would be brought down “in disrepute” during his presidency… I was imagining exactly the scenario which we are watching unfold in real time with the revelations of the Congressional investigative committee.

Below is a direct quote from this article published two and a half years ago :
( Dear Mrs. Biden:)
“Did you even consider that those who encouraged your husband to pursue this candidacy may not have had your best interests at heart? Is it possible that your husband’s obvious decline and secret dealings were known to others and seen as a guarantee that he would at best serve a short term of service before having to resign in disrepute? It has been reported that you were heavily involved in your husband’s choice of Kamala Harris to be his VP running mate. Did others push you towards her even though she did so poorly in her own run for power? Is it possible that the power brokers actually want Kamala to be President and found a means to this end?”

If one allows themselves to “fast-forward” to the next Presidential election, one can envision that the baton of power, having been ceremoniously handed over to a President Harris (upon the resignation of President Biden), would set her up as the obvious Democratic candidate for the next Presidential election. Hypothetically, President Harris would have had enough time in front of the public to appear capable and Presidential as she would be managed by the same team which handled President Biden. That would have the potential to make her a viable candidate for the next four years… and her candidacy as a woman of color and the potentially the first woman to be President of the United States could electrify her campaign. This would guarantee a continuation of a “Shell-Presidency” and the continuation of national policies guaranteed to bring the further demise of a once honorable system which has been usurped by individuals never elected to the halls of power.

If my suggestions read like a television mini-series you have seen in the past, I must apologize. Perhaps it is access to such political dramas which encourages one to look beneath the surface of the current political machinations. Doing so, is indeed, my one weakness!

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