US begs for relevance – dumps Israel

The recent signed nuclear agreement with Iran in Geneva was nothing more than the US’s desperate leap for relevance that it had long ago lost since Obama took up space in the Oval Office.

With the debacle in Libya, its inept, short sighted policy with regard to Egypt, its worthlessness with respect to Syria and its disconnection from long-time allies, the United States raced to prove its international credence by forging an agreement with a menacing and maniacal regime absent of any logic and void of any realistic safeguards to ensure its implementation.

The questions that beg to be asked are the following:

Why didn’t the agreement at the very least place Iran on a trial period, a time-table to prove its seriousness in reducing its nuclear capacity – to prove that it seeks only peaceable nuclear capabilities,  BEFORE reducing sanctions?

Why is the aggressor being rewarded?

How is that a deterrent?

Why on earth would Iran be intimidated into backing down from its ultimate nuclear goals after such a pitiful show of US weakness?

The appeasement of Iran is in full swing as the sanctions are lifted with a stroke of a pen. Why wouldn’t the Iranians agree to it?

Why was Israel left in the dark?

And then one hears from the leftist corner a squeal of surprise at Netanyahu’s negative response to this agreement, attributing his reaction to sour grapes at being left out of the negotiations. It doesn’t occur to the leftist peanut gallery or to the “negotiators” that the Iranian government, much like other Muslim governments does not view matters through a western mindset. Time and again, the Muslim culture and mindset is irreverently tossed to the wayside with typical western arrogance.

The Muslims uphold the concept of “taquiyah” when negotiating with infidels, which espouses deceit and duplicity in order to achieve their Islamic endeavors. And this is something that Netanyahu is very well aware of.

But the leftists among us will continue to close their eyes to what is unfolding. They will strive to regenerate the withering status of the US, and grant relevance to Obama in particular, where relevance is not due. They will resume in placing their confidence in the nations of the world and exhibit disdain towards their own people who recognize the ramifications of this agreement, who comprehend that we have no one but ourselves, and yes, no one but God, to rely on.

Ahh, but the left has not given up all hope. No, on the contrary.  Their hope is that Iran will adhere to the agreement.

Good luck with that.

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