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Venal Politicians Exploit Children as Pawns

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Is it morally right to abuse children’s feelings and emotions to achieve political ends? Who should be held responsible for such abuses and called to account for the victimization of children?

A close look at the Middle Eastern countries that are governed by ruthless dictatorships with an iron fist reveals that most of them exploit children as tools for political propaganda. These regimes start brainwashing children from early childhood. They flood their minds with hatred, rage and hysteria regarding things they know nothing about. After all, no one is as malleable or as easily indoctrinated as children.

One clear example regarding this issue comes from the Palestinian hardline groups who brainwash children from an early age against Israel; and by so doing they institutionalize rage and hatred in children’s minds. Palestinian children are used to fuel the conflict by throwing stones at Israelis, which is a manifestation of their hatred towards them. As a matter of fact, all Islamists are given to exploiting children to achieve their various ideological, financial, and other objectives.

The Islamic regime in Iran, the leading patron of the Palestinian terror, has extensively used child soldiers since the beginning of the devastating Iran-Iraq War. The Islamic regime’s ruthless leaders exploited the same method of indoctrination and brainwashing of the Iranian children and teenagers to send them to war zones to achieve their political aims. They portrayed these acts of child killing as “heroism” in their disastrous and heinous propaganda campaign that is still going on today. They created fictional child-martyrs such as Hossein Fahmideh, distributed canteens that looked like grenades among schoolchildren and forced students to memorize hate slogans and death wishes against other countries.

These are merely a few examples of innocent children being abused by Islamist revolutionaries. This happens while reasonable people believe children should grow up enjoying their childhood and appreciate their lives in freedom, as this precious period is a golden time for their nurturing and development.

In recent months, in their protests against global warming, the Leftists, or as they call themselves, “Globalists,” have used Greta Thunberg, a teenage girl from Sweden, in the same way as their sacrificial lamb. They have used her in their hatred campaign against the president of the United States in order to cover their own ineptitude and mismanagement.

The Left, by portraying Greta Thunberg as the current “child prodigy and face of the youth movement to combat climate change,” are in fact using her as an agent of their farcical political agenda. That is while scientists and researchers have not yet reached a conclusive conclusion on the causes of climate change and its impact.

Now, the question is, how the climate issue can be solved through hysteria and propaganda by a child who in fact should enjoy her childhood and learn to love and live. Using her as a political pawn is beyond shameful. One needs to take a closer look at the family in which Greta Thunberg lives; and how her parents, especially her celebrity mother, Malena Ernman, allows her to participate in these tough, hysterical and stressful events.

Greta started her activism more than a year ago by taking time off from school and demonstrating outside the Swedish parliament by holding up a sign calling for “climate action.” Since then she has been made to spearhead a campaign of hatred that no teenager should be exposed to.  Her obvious anger and exhaustion highlight the fact that she has been abused. The angry way that she spoke in the United Nations shows how her innocent sentiments have been abused by narcissistic opportunists who stop at nothing to achieve their crooked ends.

In the end, what can be concluded from this farce is that the Leftists/Globalists have failed to offer practical plans in dealing with toxic policies of countries such as China and Russia, who recently have even made inroads into the North Pole. Instead, the Leftists/Globalists have resorted to exploiting an innocent child in a vicious campaign of hatred against the president of the United States. That is shameful.

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Fred Saberi is a Swedish political analyst of Iranian origin interested in Middle East affairs.
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