Venezuela’s UN Cover-Up by Outrageous Holocaust Rhetoric

The “Arria Formula” was invoked last Friday – “a highly informal and confidential gathering of UN Security Council member-states”, named after 1992 Venezuelan Ambassador Diego Arria.

The Formula acts as an instrument to prepare drafts for the full fifteen member Security Council. This session on “on Palestinian suffering under occupation”, was led by Venezuela, Egypt, Malaysia and Senegal.

Each of these could be expected to draw attention away from their own human rights violations, by reenacting in New York the cover-up game of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva: the increasingly noxious “malign Israel” formula.

Following last month’s I.D. theft of Jewish heritage by UNESCO in Islamicizing the Temple Mount and the Kotel Western Wall in Jerusalem, we now witness the turning of the Jewish narrative of the Holocaust against its victims.

Venezuela, in the thrall of the post-Chavez dictatorship, sank deep into its septic tank in daring to rhetorically suggest: ” What does Israel plan to do with the Palestinians? Will they be disappeared? Does Israel aim to wage a Final Solution as was perpetrated against the Jews?”

Ambassador Rafael Ramirez knew exactly which buttons to push in order to create maximum outrage and, thereby, deflect attention from his own country’s state corruption and tyranny.

The United States and United Kingdom condemned his offensive language, but ignored the core of the debate: the manner in which the Palestinians themselves seek to cover-up the corruption and tyranny of their own authorities, whether in Gaza or the West Bank.

Much more dangerous is the true intent of the Arria-formula’s “highly informal and confidential” draft.

It is one more step along the route to a French-hosted conference in Paris, aimed to endorse a resolution tailored for a UN Security Council diktat to further delegitimize Israel – the eternal scapegoat – this time to appease the spectre of Jihadist Islam.

It does not take an Arria-formula closed session to silence the grapevine from pointing to a vote,reportedly scheduled for the last weeks of the Obama administration, that will deny Israel the defence of an American veto.

Every UN agency is now recruited by the pro-Palestinian bloc towards that end.

More and more Holocaust analogies will be heard, to draw attention away from the main objective: the validation of a Palestinian identity by the theft of all that is Jewish – a neo-supercessionism, whereby a sovereign people is eliminated from history and geography. An ultimate anti-Semitism

The Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Latin America Representative,Ariel Gelblung,contributed to this article

About the Author
Shimon Samuels is Director for International Relations of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. He has served as Deputy Director of the Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, European Director of ADL, and Israel Director of AJC. He was born in UK and studied in UK, Israel, U.S. and Japan.