Victimized by Alexa

A broom left behind before the storm to help citizens
A broom left behind before the storm to help citizens

It’s been a week since Alexa came to visit. She brought with her much more snow, cold temperatures, and havoc than almost everyone expected. Though the snow has stopped for a few days the situation outside is still dangerous, if you’re Facebook newsfeed is to be believed.

Don’t go outside“, and “it’s way too dangerous to drive/walk/think“,and  “blame (insert official body here) for (insert storm related grievance here)” are some of the boilerplate excuses given by cowards for staying indoors.

Yes, cowards, though I’d like to use more colorful language to call out their self-victimizing behavior.

The storm did its damage, but there’s no reason to let it keep you down.

To sound and act non-cowardly:
1) Explain the risks and let folks assume them on their own (if they so choose).

2) Offer helpful advice and needed assistance to those dealing with weather-related problems.

3) Take necessary actions to secure the safety and well being of your neighbors and loved ones.

4) Stop allowing negative external conditions to dictate personal actions.

5) Get up. 6) Get outside. 7) And do good.

Quick warning: Dress warmly of course, use 87 plastic bags per foot. Put the bags over your whole body shoe, in your shoe, and in between the five layers of socks you’ve put on. Wear gloves. Buy a pair if you need to.

Break up and clear the ice on your walkway and stairs using a wooden broomstick. Pound the ice with the top of the broom, lift up the chunks and toss them to non-walkway areas. If you’ve worn gloves your hands will not be as blistered as otherwise. Trust me, I didn’t wear gloves 🙁

Do I consider myself a hero? Are my actions and self-sacrifice heroic? Of course not! All they are is my effort at not sitting idly by as my neighbors blood is internally spilt in their elbows and coccyxi (which happened to me crossing a street).

I’ve heard a whole bunch of nambi-pambi reasons for canceling this-or-that event. Schools closed because walkways are iced over. Official meetings changed due to poor access conditions. Public transport shut-down. Finally, today almost all are opening, though late, and many will still close early.

Here’s an idea for city and local officials: instead of increasing hourly wages offer to pay for work like breaking up ice and clearing snow, that very day. Schools, offer pizza to students for helping clear paths to school. Citizens, do good, and you’ll find that changing your behavior changes your perceptions of being victimized by Alexa.

Don’t wait/rely on the weather or municipal officials to clear your walkway! Scrounge up some coins from the couch and pay a teenager to clear it for you.

Solutions are not just in the heavens but available to each and every person who strives to do good or asks for help.

About the Author
Nisan Hirsh is from Skokie, IL. He lives in Talpiyot. He's been fighting to Change the Climate by emitting dangerously high levels of CO2 into the blogosphere.