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Video: In Paris, they screamed: “Jews, out of France !”

If you are Jewish, I hope you were not in Paris on 26 January 2014. That day, 17,000 people (according to police) or 160,000 people (according to organizers) were protesting against François Hollande, the French President.

But in reality, the procession gathered all that France has more rotten, moldy.

The anti-Zionist leftist, anti-Semitic extreme rightist, Shoah deniers, Christians fundamentalist, Arabs and Africans youth; all of those “victim of conspiracy”, Judeophobic, and Dieudonné’s fan, (the famous racist “comedian” that everyone has talk in recent weeks) …

And because not a single French-speaking mainstream media spoke about it, I though it was important to translate in English what was said then:

In the order of the video:

Jew! Jew! Jew! Jew! Jew!

Jews, Licra, we do not want them! (Licra is the International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism)

Jew, out of France!

Faurisson is right, gas chamber never existed ! (Faurisson is a shoah denier)

Jews, France is not yours.

And it is not in the video, but there were also:

Europe pedophile criminal Zionist satanic

Holland and the CRIF, who runs France? (CRIF is a French Jewish Organisation)

CRS Jewish militia! (CRS are French soldiers)

Bleu Blanc Rouge, France to the French (Blue, white, red, colours of the French flag)

We fought against queers, we will fight against abortion

Holland Enough, Work, Family, Country” (Work, Family, Country was the slogan of France during the Nazi Collaboration).

Unlike dogs, who are welcome – gays should back off!

Nobody would have imagined that 70 years after the Holocaust, it could happen again in France. If you have family or friends, it is time to help them leave Paris, Marseille and Strasbourg. The Jews of the United States, Canada and Israel must unite to save the remaining Jews of France. They were 650,000 there 30 years, they are no more than 450,000 today.

Those who will not leave France will be lost.

By Jonathan-Simon Sellem
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Jonathan-Simon Sellem is a spin doctor. He's also an elected Representative of the French people living in Israel and a member of the commission Immigration and Integration of the city council of Tel-Aviv. In 2020, he published the first full translation of all the speeches of the First Zionist Congress, in French.
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