View from the summit

‘ADL chief chides Kerry for boycott comments’                                          Times of Israel: February 5, 2014

Boycotts of the kind Mr. Kerry has indicated, promised, mentioned, ones that might be born out of failure in the current peace negotiations, would certainly be an unwelcome addition to all of Israel’s other concerns right now. But would their arrival on the scene actually generate any greater movement on the nation’s part towards securing a more viable and mutually agreed settlement? The suspicion must be that a Masada-like group mentality will prevail instead, positions and patterns of behaviour already well entrenched managing to somehow become even more so.

A far better class of boycott would be preferable, one where penalties of quite exceptional severity can be automatically targeted at whichever side is deemed to have strayed too far beyond acceptable limits in their day-to-day dealings with each other.

If a certain mountain has to be climbed, then its ascent will be made that much easier if the view from the summit is guaranteed to be glorious.

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