Villains of the peace

EU envoy: Naturally, Israel will be blamed if settlements wreck the peace process

If the current peace talks do break down and their outcome is then assessed as being just another concerted but still failed attempt to move matters forward in the right direction, Israel, by majority assent, may very well end up as being the villain of the piece. This will not be a good look for the Chose People.


Would there be any form of damage limitation available to Israelis, prior to or thereafter, so that a role of such unsavory aspect can be avoided or, at the very least, rewritten as something better?

If there is, then that something will have to be quite exceptional, clear-cut and a radical departure from all previous ventures down what has always seemed a very long and lonely road. And yet, somewhere along the way, a final settlement awaits to resolve the many outstanding issues still confronting everyone involved. .

This would demonstrate to worldwide opinion that Israel really is serious about solutions, prepared to go that extra mile and is not simply playing for time until the Messiah puts in an appearance. And even if that deity were to arrive upon the scene, I imagine He might commend efforts that were not being based on the same tired old formulas that got everyone nowhere in the past. To show off humanity in the best possible light, shouldn’t we be prepared to examine all possibilities?

Or have the years of conflict so deadened our senses that we no longer hear new tunes and can only call to mind those that are now so very old?

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