Waiting…Do you ever feel like you are constantly waiting for something? We wait on the telephone as the cell phone provider puts you on hold. We wait endlessly at the post office. We wait for the fix-it guy to show up at our door.  We wait for blood work results from our doctor….We are always waiting for something.

One of my kids recently said to me, “Mom, when is the cease fire going to be over?” I answered, “It is not going to be over, it is a CEASE FIRE, that means that Hamas stopped shooting rockets.” My son quickly replied, “Mom, it never lasts long…it always ends.” This just broke my heart. I tried to convince my son that this time it is REAL, and we do not have to worry, but he would not budge.  He is waiting for the next rocket, just like we wait for a delivery at the door.

How has this happened?  Our US brethren are now waiting with bated breath for the news about the new developments against ISIS. And, we in Israel wonder what the ramifications will be on our soil.  The unknown is such a hard concept to process.  With all of our technology, and know-how…we still cannot predict what the next terror crisis will be, or where it will be committed.  And, thus, we are just waiting…hoping it is not going to be here, or anywhere near loved ones and friends.

Is this a way to live? Have we gone mad?  How can we change ourselves so we are not living this anxiety filled process all of the time? Is this why will fill our lives with facebook messages, whatsapps, instagrams, and more?  Are we trying to avoid the inevitable, or the inconceivable?

John Mayer is so poignant in his song “Waiting for the World to Change.” While it was written years ago, it is a perfect take on our world today:

It’s not that we don’t care

We just know that the fight ain’t fair

So, we keep waiting,

Waiting on the world to change.

(Click on the link below to hear the song)

Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayer

At this time before Rosh Hashana, maybe we need to all make an effort to make the world change.  Somehow, we need to STOP waiting. We need to actively do something different.  There have been moments in our history, when we all joined together and actually made a difference to our society, to our culture, and to our lives.  Now, more than ever, it is time to make the world change.  I think we all need to take some small good deed, and make it our “project.” Get others involved in your deed, and actually make a difference in this world. For, this world is not going to change by itself. It is time to stop waiting. It is time to act.

L’Shana Tova! Have a Happy and Healthy New Year! May it be a year of growth, peace, and understanding!

About the Author
Ariel Blacher, MSW, has been an educator in the Israeli school system. She is currently a writer working in the Hi-Tech industry. Her recent book, Gila Makes Aliyah, was published by Koren Publishers in 2018.
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