Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

War for peace

Sometimes the only way to achieve peace is via war.

Ask the Allies what they did in World War Two. They bombed Germany and defeated the Nazis. In Japan, it took two atomic bombs to end the war.

So why are so many blaming Israel? Because Jews are different.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe once spoke about the concept of turning the other cheek, and he said that only Jews are expected to turn the other cheek. Non-Jews are allowed to attack attackers, but Jews are required to be more merciful.

Jews are allowed to suffer. Jews are not allowed to defend themselves. Jews are supposed to be better than anyone else.

Fortunately, the Jewish nation has learned that we don’t need to ask the world for permission to defend Israel and eradicate Hamas.

Sometimes, the only way to bring peace, is to utterly and completely destroy the enemy. Especially an enemy that is thoroughly evil. Especially an enemy that is not prepared to stop. Especially an enemy like Hamas, whose representative stated clearly, that they intend to keep attacking.

Civilians are being killed? Sometimes there is no choice. Especially when dealing with an enemy like Hamas who hide themselves and their weapons among civilians.

Sometimes, as the Allies demonstrated 80 years ago, war is the only way to bring peace.

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