Barbara Diamond

Warning to Iran: be afraid

In my last blog post entitled:”Tekiyah; the Big Lie“… I promised to write about what I see as the only viable response to the evil of Iran’s nuclear development and its ultimate intentions.

Much has happened since my last article.  Russia has approved the delivery of $800 MILLION in S-300 Missiles to Iran. These aircraft will make it possible for Iran to have a defense system which could not only render air attacks on them futile, but would also give them the potential to carry 320 pounds warheads with which to attack their neighbors. The timing of delivery of these missiles has been estimated to be within the next two years.   Iran moves inextricably in a direction in which it will attempt to dominate not only the Middle East, but possibly the entire continent of Europe and beyond.

Clearly Iran’s first targets are the non-fundamentalist States in the region. While the Iranian leaders repeatedly announce that they want the extermination of  Israel, there are others on the list as well and It is possible that the others are even of higher priority. Iran’s attempt to take over Arab countries through proxy terror groups has already begun. Announcing their intentions to destroy Israel, while probably sincere… also serve as an attention deflector whilst they fund very real efforts to topple other countries and ultimately impose their rule over them. They are already well entrenched in Lebanon and Syria , supporting the Shiite Houtis in Yemen , in Hamas and in Hizbolla and other fringe terrorist groups which they fund.  Of this the Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan. The Arab Emerites, Kuwait, Egypt and many others are well aware. They tremble in the potential onslaught which will be attempted by Iran once she is in position with nuclear arms and the ability to deliver them. If successful in her ultimate goals, the oil fields of the Middle East will be hers and the people of the less extreme Arab nations will no longer know moderation but will be subjects of an imposed fundamentalist Islamic regime.

The so called “Arab Spring” which those naive in Middle East realities hailed as the future of a better world based on Democratic values, only fomented chaos and a fertile ground for Iran to enter through her proxy funding of terrorist groups intent on overthrow of existing regimes.

Hence the world is left with a dilemma which will not recede. Whether or not Iran signs a nuclar agreement with the world powers… it will either not abide by it, or will use the time to prepare for its’ expiration in a decade. Either way Iran will not have changed its’ goals or its path toward an attempt at domination of as much of the world as it can conquer.

It is said in many circles that Israel and the current realities have created what we must entitle “strange bedfellows.”  With Israel’s military prowess, she is in the position to lead…but it is critical that she not act alone.  The often quoted saying that the “enemy of my enemy is my friend…” is of course invalid. Some countries,  having aligned themselves with you today, can turn on you tomorrow.  However in this ever changing Middle East there are actually new relationships emerging.  Israel has new friends in India and in China. More surprising still is that it appears that the moderate Arab nations, in fear of Iran, are prepared to bond with Israel in the effort of self-survival.

There are those who espouse that Iran can be stopped through cyber attacks, disrupting their infrastructure and their nuclear plants.  This would be the ideal resolution of a massive problem for the region.  This may in fact be the future of the entire world’s warfare… in which bombs and nuclear weapons would be unnecessary and the demise of a nation could be brought on through damage the electrical grid and other critical systems through cyber-attacks. However if that does not come to pass… there is one other answer;

Once again Iran will shows its true colors: having played the international game to remove sanctions against them…they will break their promises and we will return to a critical moment with no alternative but to stop their nuclear intentions. The Nations of Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia , the Arab Emerites , Bahrain and Kuwait… must by force be bound to act together against the aggressive evil which faces us all. Some will be able to use military force…some will be able to pay for the funding of that fight.  But they will be forced, if they want to destroy the evil…to join together in a massive onslaught to stop Iran in its’ tracks.  Whilst the world is waiting for Israel to do the deed… she is hopefully smart enough to know that the deed is bigger than one attack… it is a massive deed requiring an attack on every nuclear facility in Iran… at the same moment and by multiple forces.  If the world is expecting the Jewish State to cower in fear they need to understand that this is not who we are.

The tables are thus reversed. This is fair warning to Iran: Be afraid… be very afraid.

About the Author
Born in the Washington DC area, Barbara has been a pro Israel activist for over four decades, having had a radio show in Jerusalem called "Barbara Diamond One on One" , doing in depth interviews which aired in Israel and in the UK. She participated in missions to the USSR to meet with Refuseniks, to Ethiopia with a medical team to help the Jewish villages and to China to open up relations prior to China recognizing the State of Israel, She has been pro-active lobbying congress and helping to start a Pro Israel PAC in Los Angeles. She stays involved through the Jerusalem Press Club attending up to the moment briefings which she would like to share with the readers. Ms. Diamond is the author of the new website - and is the 2018 recipient of the "StandWithUs"-Israel leadership award.