We Are Not the Center of the World

There is no question that Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaar, and Naftali Frenkel are each at the center of their parents’ worlds. There is also no doubt – regardless of one’s political views – that bringing the boys back should be the center of all the thoughts, prayers and actions of everyone in Israel. While many of us here live far (though not in miles) from where the boys were kidnapped, we all instinctively know that if those kidnappers could, they would without doubt or hesitation kidnap one of our children – whether from downtown Tel Aviv or from anywhere else they were able. We are all indeed unified on this issue- one in our collective will to bring our boys back as quickly and safely as possible. Whatever political questions arise, there will be plenty of time once the boys are home with their families to engage in those questions.

What  we should not be doing right now is worrying why the world seems not to care.  Frankly, in the last few days since the boys were kidnapped several tremendously horrifying things have been happening in the world. Yesterday over 1,000 Shiite soldiers were summarily executed by the ISIS in Iraq – just because they were Shiite. This same murderous group has taken over more than half of Iraq. Last night 48 people were executed in Kenya while watching the Mondial (World Cup Soccer) games because they could not answer questions on the Koran. On Friday 48 Ukrainian soldiers were killed when their plane was shot down by rebels who had been armed by the Russians. All of this does not even account for those who died in the last 72 hours in the continued civil war in Syria.

So, yes our first concern must remain our boys … and yes, we must do everything we can to get them back safely .. and until the boys are home – whether we like or dislike the policies of our government – we owe these three kids our unconditional support. However, please let’s not make this crisis a test of our position of the world, or whether the world cares about Jewish lives. The world has been going to hell in the last few days. However important Eyal, Gilad and Naftali are to us and their parents and friends, the world is busy at the moment. As such, their lack of attention to our crisis is no reflection on how they feel about us – one way or another.

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