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As the song says, a Latin American with no money in his pocket.

We are responsible, also


In times like these, of war and security challenges, our respect and support for our soldiers and their families are unwavering. They are the pillars of our defense. However, as a staunch defender of the Rule of Law, I must express deep concern over the current policy of indiscriminately arming the Israeli civilian population, led by Benjamin Netanyahu and encouraged by figures like Ben Gvir. This policy, particularly in the occupied territories, not only increases tension and the risk of innocent lives being lost but also reveals a painful truth.

Our silence, as Palestinian families suffer at the hands of extremists, speaks volumes. We proclaim democracy, but by allowing extremist groups to torment Palestinian villages, we fail to live up to those principles. What is right is right, and what is wrong is wrong. Under no circumstance can we accept this reality as the new normal. This situation needs to change.

True security doesn’t come from the number of arms distributed, but from respect for our institutions and the value of human life. We need policies that promote peaceful coexistence and mutual respect among all communities. The path to peace and security must be paved with dialogue and understanding, not the spread of weapons.

Now, more than ever, we must unite against policies that put innocents in danger and undermine the integrity of our nation. We need to reaffirm our commitment to an Israel where peace is achieved through respect and justice, not by the force of arms. The current leadership, with its extremist policies, is leading us away from the core values of our nation. Let us commit to building a future where everyone in Israel, and in every corner of the country, can live in safety and harmony.

About the Author
As a Brazilian, Jewish, and humanist writer, I embody a rich cultural blend that influences my worldview and actions. Six years ago, I made the significant decision to move to Israel, a journey that not only connects me to my ancestral roots but also positions me as an active participant in an ongoing dialogue between the past, present, and future. My Latin American heritage and life in Israel have instilled a deep commitment to diversity, inclusion, and justice. Through my writing, I delve into themes of authoritarianism, memory, and resistance, aiming not just to reflect on history but to actively contribute to the shaping of a more just and equitable future. My work is an invitation for reflection and action, aspiring to advance human dignity above all.
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