We Can Attract Peace

A Secret I Finally Learned: It is all in the heart and mind: Choose Pro Peace and Gain a New Perspective For Achieving It.

In Torah class today my Rabbi gave advice and encouragement on how to deal with today’s times and current events we have had to face. While I am not an Orthodox Jew I am very traditional, therefore I BELIEVE. My Rabbi began by reminding us the words of sages and told us,”how every heart knows where they need to improve.”

Let us begin with our hearts because as my Rabbi went on to convey the importance of the heart, he reminded us that our hearts are our foundation: in other words what is embedded in our hearts no one could ever take away. Therefore, I think we can start the path to peace and share the secret which begins inside our heart and directly connects to our head. Let us begin to think PRO PEACE and it will happen.

Our focus, our thoughts must be consistent and must stay good and positive and that is how we will achieve our goal. There is no greater task than to work with the law of attraction but if we do this together we can get in on the “secret.” (Please read book-“THE SECRET”) The key is in the Law of attraction: the belief that positive thoughts are magnets for positive life experiences. Let us combine our energy and fulfill our common goal.

Please do not look at this as some sort of nonsense, this concept may be reminiscent of something you may have read and that is a good thing because it is a real way to exist.

Our thoughts are always working and always running in all directions so let us be aware of what we think and what we are concerned about and turn it all into: WHAT DO WE WANT TO HAPPEN, and of course that answer is PEACE. Therefore we must continue to believe in our foundation as our sages have taught us. We are in this together and as Jews we have chosen life. The Secret I learned is stored in our minds: Fill your thoughts with Pro Peace and a New Perspective to achieve our common goal. Plant it deep down in your heart and in your mind simultaneously and this will become a reality.

Focus on what we all want and make that goal completely positive and keep the thoughts just as positive and they will prove to be powerful. No different in wanting a new job or a good relationship with others. I am not saying just wish it, I am saying get DEEP and understand the universe works through our hearts/ minds. Therefore wish, want, dream and tap into the law of attraction. With anything in life it is truly easier and healthier to think positive and to believe at times in things that we deem impossible.

Miracles do happen, dreams do come true. I am sure many of you have stories to contribute to this fact in life.

This will take time to comprehend but be open and determined and let us get rid of the negative thoughts and think positive ones only. Above all be patient with this concept. We are all in charge and we have more power than we can imagine.

We are surrounded with things that we are upset by and unfortunately, in some cases, repulsed by. It has been proven that somehow our thoughts will have a say in what we attract.

This is a huge challenge, but it can also be enjoyable. If our emotions and our feeling have a happy tone and we have a smile on rather than angry looks, then we are going to have quick gratification.

I have been upset and beyond angered from the recent events in Israel. After letting it out and ranting, even in my blog, I decided to do some digging on another way to get satisfaction.

We have to take it slow and not have expectations because this will be a whole new style of life that we can take on together. If you drop your coffee or are running late in the morning don’t flip out- start out by shrugging that off and keeping your mood positive. If you want love in your life, start to think it and feel it and imagine it and you will find yourself surrounded by love. And if a loved one is ill stay positive and think of that person to completely heal-do not give up on life ever.

If we shift our negative and sometimes destructive thoughts to this group of good thoughts we may attract the same back at us and then we will have the power to survive.

Think of the music you like, a person you love, a baby, a pet, a special person, a child, a good time and keep the smile on your face that is certainly generated from all that good stuff. Personally I have most recently told one of my daughters that when I am down, upset and basically preoccupied, I think of her and I light up- I smile, my eyes open wide and I feel so goooood!

We need to do our job now: wish it and dream it and think it and tilt our thoughts toward our needs so they will come our way.

We must believe in our power through thought and realize that we can accomplish and attract all that we want, and we must not ever doubt. If we do then we will lose the faith and faith is key for us to receive what we dream of crave and need in our lives: which is a life surrounded with peace.

We must go through this process. It is a law, keep that in mind, we must follow laws and this one is called the law of attraction and together, without waiting any longer, the time has come to act upon this concept.

We can attract peace now. We are in this together and we have chosen life.

The Secret I learned is that the key is in the heart and the mind: Fill your thoughts with Pro Peace and a New Perspective.

Yihehi Beseder! – יהיה בסדר

About the Author
Allyson Altit is from New York. She has worked in the travel industry for over 30 years as a leisure specialist. Her area of expertise is in European destinations and Israel. She has been involved with charity work for the Hadassah organization as well. In 2009 she graduated from Queens College majoring in Jewish studies. She has just completed writing her first novel...