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We Can Build A Better Brand, And Put This Issue To Rest Totally Solo!

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected a French call this week, that it attend an international peace conference on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to be held in December in Paris. He said, Israel will not attend any conference that is convened without its consent and which touts an approach to the resolution of the conflict which it opposes. Only direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians will lead to a final agreement for a two-state solution, he said.

The French said, the time is not right for direct talks, so in the interim, work can be done to ensure that such talks are fruitful when they do occur, and added that the conference is looking to set conditions to allow the resumption of negotiations, understanding that such talks cannot happen at this time. Which are all the reasons for Israel not to attend, this is not their call.

France said, they are working with the EU, US, Russia, the Quartet, the Arab League, China, Indonesia, Japan, South Africa, Senegal, Brazil, Australia, Canada, and parties could work on a UN resolution separate from the peace conference. Israel has more issues with some of these guys than they have with the PLO. Seriously, there is nothing these nations are going to say, that hasn’t been said before. So, why waste Israel’s time? Past talks prove none of these nations have come close to a solution for peace, to justify a continuation of yet another talk in Paris. And seriously, how many people do you need to change a light bulb?

Knowing the policies of these nations, it’s questionable, if they can be honest brokers in such talks. Their motives can be taken as suspicious when they cannot recognize Israel’s borders and its capital as Jerusalem. Just what is it they can tell us now, that hasn’t been said before and that so many have to be involved in such a meeting? If any of these guys truly had something, they would cue us in on it, so we would be motivated to come to Paris, but that is not the case. Why would we sit with guys that fail to honor the UN Charter 80 that defines Israel’s borders and sovereignty from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, the 1922 Partition and do not maintain an embassy in Jerusalem? They do not uphold the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention, whereas the settlements and Jewish population in the West Bank cannot be transferred or moved, as they are on land recognized under international law prior to 1949 as being within the bounders and sovereignty of that of the state of Israel.

Just how many talks does Israel have to part take in. There has already been hundreds, probably thousands. These guys have been meeting for the last hundred years, since the signing of the Balfour Document. Just what part of “What they say is never going to happen”, do they not understand?

From the beginning of time, the issue is not about a Palestinian State, it is about Jews, the Occupation, Israel as a “First World Nation” the Jews call their own.

There is never any talk about these two peoples working, living and enjoy life together, in a real peace, only about dividing them. These nations have not only proven to be not helpful, they have proven to be not needed. It’s been a long, costly and timely expense for Israel. Israel can put this issue to rest on its own and without anybody’s help.

These guys can never be part of the solution because they do not understand it, Israel is not a melting pot like these guys, it is an integration of cultures, interwoven within communities, that can live with the many fractions of Arab society, .

So, the solution is to first remove Abbas and the PLO, Oslo is not working, he is not Israel’s partner in peace, he does not wish to discuss peace with Israel, he incites and honors terrorist that kill Jews and he makes it clear he wants to replace Israel’s government with his, and rename Israel, Palestine. He needs to be replaced with a Palestinian leader, that cherishes freedom, democracy, civil and human rights, if no such person should exist, Israel must school one. Nobody moves. This Palestinian leader will be responsible for all those Arabs that are not citizens of Israel. Their economy will be attached to Israel’s, so they can be sustainable. They will be citizens of their own entity, have their own passports, be self governed, have there own minted money and postage stamps. Israel provide them security, works with their local police, and help them enforce laws against incitement, violence, murder and insure them that they have all the necessities of a “Democratic Free World Nation.”

The security barriers will come down. They are tools of the occupation and must be removed. Children only know what you teach them, you teach them, hate they will hate. So, Israel will provide the needs for education to coexist. The signs at the entrance of the PA areas prohibiting Jews and Israeli to enter will be replaced with “Welcome” signs.

Israel will removal the UNRWA from the refugee camps and its refugees their status as such. They will become citizens of the new Arab entity. The UN will continue funding for redevelopment of these camps to be transformed into livable modern communities, administrated by the PA government, not the UNRWA. As long as the UNRWA textbooks teach hatred, exposes children to methods of incitement and murder, Israel is justified in removing the UN organization. Israel will demand that the International Community will take in Palestinian refugees that do not wish to be citizens of the new PA entity.

The late Prime Minister of Israel, Menachem Begin has said …”We do not ask any nation or international body for their recognition, as they do not ask Israel for reorganization of them”….”We are the Masters of our Destiny”!

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Marty Mensch is a marketing professional, an activist, and a freelance writer. He hails from Ocean, NJ.