Robbie Michaelson
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We Can Only Count On Ourselves

So much for Donald Trump being the best President for Israel since Harry Truman. So much for Prime Minister Netanyahu’s “special relationship” with the erratic American President and why Israel was better off as a consequence. So much for America being there always for Israel; no matter who might be the President. Just ask the Kurds. And no, this was not a “one off”.

Trump’s predecessor, Barack Hussein Obama also threw Israel under the bus. Lest we not forget the Iran nuclear deal; the U.N. abstention vote; and the imminent leadership meeting of the “Obama Foundation” in Malaysia – home to one of the world’s preeminent anti-semites. The United States is being led by an ill-informed undereducated narcissistic person who exemplifies the ugly side of America. And the Democrats vying to impeach him include a majority of wannabe Presidents who don’t exactly exhibit a lot of warmth toward the Jewish State of Israel. The Democrats stand for the most part for re-engaging Iran at any cost and imposing the so-called “two state solution” on Israel regardless of the facts on the ground.

The support from the U.S. Jewish community has been severely weakened over the last decade by a number of factors, not the least of which has been Prime Minister’s Netanyahu’s embrace of the extreme right and the orthodox parties to the chagrin of the more liberal American Jewry. Embracing Sheldon Adelson and Evangelical Christians may have made for good politics but it has not strengthened the ties between Israeli and American Jews. The longtime policy of  avoiding  non-partisan interference in American and Israeli political campaigns has been put to pasture in the era of Trump and Netanyahu.

Europe has embraced Muslim immigrants over the re-established Jewish communities in their midst. Numbers speak louder than words and the Muslim invasion of Europe combined with the resurgence of the far right has eroded the power of the centre-left and diminished most European support for the State of Israel. How else can one explain the significant support for anti-semitic leaders like Jeremy Corbyn and the populists leaders in Hungary, Poland and other progressive and/or fascist countries in Europe.

Putin plays everyone against the centre and brooks no opposition. Russia can invade Ukraine, shoot down a civilian airliner, and establish a base in Syria without any Western opposition.  North Korea can sell their weapons technology to rogue States without repercussions. And we haven’t even begun to talk about Iran and Turkey; both of whom are led by genocidal figures who believe that their once great empires can be re-established like it was 929 and 1550 all over again.

Every day now we can see the clouds of war on our horizon. Our Sinai border with Egypt has become a more dangerous place for the Egyptian Government and for Israel, by extension, as ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood appear to have grown in strength. Lebanon is firmly under the control of Hezbollah, who answer to Tehran and not Beirut. Syria is ruled by the brutal Alawite ruler Bashir Assad, who has facilitated the establishment of Russian and Iranian bases into his country in order to remain in power. Jordan is as unstable as ever.  Iraq is under Shite control and have been accommodating Iranian-sponsored militias throughout more and more of their country. The so-called Sunni bloc of Gulf Arab nations against Iranian aggression appears to have crumbled.

It is against this background that we find ourselves on the front line with no backup in sight. The IDF has supposedly been prepared to fight on several fronts simultaneously. The lessons of the Yom Kippur, Lebanon and Gaza conflicts have  been purportedly learned and absorbed. Our shelters for the civilian population against what is likely to be an unprecedented missile attack have been hopefully readied. Our political paralysis, because of one man, Netanyahu, cannot and must not go on any longer. We need to unite together as Israelis because we are truly alone!


About the Author
First came to Israel as a volunteer after the Six Day War. Made Aliyah in 1972, served in the IDF, stayed in Israel for 4 years. Returned again to live permanently in Israel in 2017. Am widely traveled & strong supporter of Zionism. Have an M.A. in International Relations from McGill University.