Mendy Kaminker

We can’t do it without you!

Today, I’d like to introduce you to someone very special.

In fact, this person is so special that when G-d gave the Torah on Mount Sinai, G-d basically said: I am not going to give it without this person present!

Can you imagine?

One of the greatest moments in Jewish history. G-d is descending on the mountain with thunders and sounds of a Shofar. Everyone is standing in awe to hear the ten commandments, and all of a sudden G-d says “wait a moment, I can’t do it! Someone is missing!”

That person must be very special.

Are you ready to meet him or her?

Well, just please walk to the nearest mirror and look at it. What do you see? You see yourself.

You are that person!

The Midrash (Bresheit Raba 70) says: “If the Jewish people would be missing even one person, the Torah couldn’t be given to the Jewish people”.

And the sages teach us that all of our souls were present during the giving of the Torah. So while we might not recall anything, our soul was there.

Without your soul, G-d wouldn’t give the Torah.

As we are about to celebrate the holiday of Shavuot, it’s important to remember this empowering idea. The Torah doesn’t belong only to the Rabbis, the scholars or to the ones that went to a Jewish day school. The Torah belongs to each and every one of us. It belongs to you just like it belongs to me.

I once saw a beautiful line:

“Jdiasm is not the same without U”.

So let’s celebrate, cherish and treasure the Torah, and celebrate, cherish and treasure our own, individual connection and contribution to the Torah.

Happy Shavuot!

Rabbi Mendy Kaminker

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Rabbi Mendy Kaminker is the Chabad Rabbi of Hackensack, and an editorial member of
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