We Can’t Stop Twerking

In response to Miley Cyrus’ new and controversial exposure, Cyrus attacks her opposition. “It can’t be like this 70-year-old Jewish man […] telling me what the clubs want to hear.” Jews are the first to come to her mind as those who are too outdated to appreciate her new, hip, style.

Tablet Magazine published an article titled “Miley Cyrus’ Anti-Semitic Slip Is Showing: Laments that record execs are too old and Jewish to know good club music.”

Uh huh. So we are offended and worse, feel discriminated against, for Cyrus’ association.

REALLY?! I wouldn’t call this anti-Semitism. I am proud to be a member of the only community Cyrus ascribes the uproar against her controversy to. If we as Jews are seen as the paradigm for self respect, humility, and modesty then we are doing something right. This isn’t a case of anti-Semitism, rather it is us advancing towards tikkun olam by being an or lagoyim.

Why are we so ashamed of our morals and values? If we were confident enough in our belief system and way of life we wouldn’t feel threatened by secular judgment.

A video was recently published on Youtube called “Virtue Makes You Beautiful.” The song is a parody on One Direction’s hit, “That’s What Makes You Beautiful.” The vocals are horrendous but the message still comes through strong. “Baby you light up the world like nobody else, by the way that you speak and respect yourself.”

The performers in this parody are not Jewish. Why is it that they deliver the values of modesty and self respect so successfully, where Jewish leaders fail miserably?

Are we proud of who we are? Do we appreciate our value system? Are we passionate towards what we (claim) to believe in? Are we sincere?

Or do we secretly wish to ride naked on a wrecking ball.

About the Author
Shira Lichtman is Israeli, contrary to common misconception; She grew up in Beit Shemesh with her parents and seven younger siblings; She works for the secret services and therefore cannot disclose any further information regarding her current occupation and mysterious future plans, which are so secret that even she doesn't know them ;-)