Nurit Greenger

We Have Seen This Movie Before

Israel is between the rock and hard place

Same story, same production, we need a new director, we need a new government in Israel.

I am becoming desperate; my hopes get busted. One day I listen to Prime Minister Netanyahu and I believe his statement that there will be no ceasefire until Hamas is destroyed and I think Oh!’ the government of Israel has finally become courageous and knows what needs to be done, and the following day my hopes are shattered, when I hear the Prime Minister pleads with Hamas, while he hides behind the USA plea, please accept our ceasefire proposal, with terrorists who want to destroy Israel. With terrorists who wish to destroy Israel you do not agree to another ceasefire, this time you destroy them.

We’ve passed this exam and we have learned nothing.

True, we will have casualties, God forbid, but the country will gain calm from Gaza for many years to come and perhaps forever if we change direction and actions.

Since the War of Independence Israel has been living with all kind of ceasefire breaks that only bring about more wars and more military operations, As long as the enemy knows that even if they stop fighting, it’s a temporary matter, it is only hudna and the wheel keeps turning.

The jester Government of Israel has today a golden opportunity to teach her enemies a lesson they will remember for a long time, that is to destroy them and stab them deep on all fronts. But the cowardly and lacking the ability to properly conduct a war government, till the enemy surrenders or is destroyed, fled and is still running away, on the last possible moment, from victory.

It’s time to confess, Israel will never win until she will want to win, because without the will to win you cannot win! That is the entire issue.

If there is a ceasefire, the Hamas “heroes” will come out of their mouse holes, where they have been hiding, among the rubble and the ruins, to the mourners’ tents and homes of the injured, they will raise their hand with the symbol of victory “V”, because they managed to survive the last week with their head still connected to their shoulders and the entire Arab world and its westerners travelers will see them as victimized heroes and much of the Western world will see the victim, Israel, as “Nazi” murderous Jews.

And this movie will continue, the terrorists will continue accumulate missiles, will dig more tunnels and will incite against Israel, hoping that the next time they will be more successful and it would never end, never. And Israelis will leave their homeland because they will be fed up with the stupidity that runs their country that hides in every office and everywhere.

Holding ourselves to be the winner, and asking for a ceasefire from the loser makes Israel appear cowardice and Hamas the heroes. Now Hamas is dictating the conditions of the ceasefire and what they want in order to agree to stop firing rockets? Israel taught them well!

Enough of fighting with the hands behind the IDF’s back. Fighting this way will never end. Hamas has got 2 million people to use as human shield and to deter Israel from destroying their arsenal.

Civilians or not, Israel must target where the rockets are stored or fired from, never mind if it a school, mosque or a home. The goal is to destroy the rockets that are meant to destroy. And whoever is there in the way of the bombing, goes boom with it. As if Hitler dictated his surrender to the allies. Of course he did not. Israel must cause Hamas to surrender or destroy it. No middle ground.

Here is what Israel needs to do for once and for all:
A rocket fired at Israel, Israeli artillery and bulldozer flattens a mile long of Gaza territory and immediately annexes that area to its land to NEVER give it back, thus shrinking Gaza, one rocket at the time. Those living in that area will become refugees and the problem of the UN/International community.

If Israel listened to this when I wrote this suggestion in 2007, Gaza would have been Jewish today.

Let us think what to do so for once Israel will really win. Perhaps we need to return to life Aaron and Hur who held Moses’ arms so Israel could win the first battle with Amalek in Rephidim. ~ Exodus Chapter 17.

Or, make humus out of Hamas.

I am so depressed.

About the Author
Nurit is an advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States and the Free World in general and sees Israel and the United States, equally, as the last two forts of true democratic freedom. Since 2006, she has been writing about events in these two countries. From Southern California, Nurit believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.