We live to carry on another day.

Today at 06:00 the sirens started blaring just as I was about to pour my milk into my bowl of cereal.

I contemplated screwing the lid back on the milk but thought the better of it & raced upstairs to make sure my wife, son & daughter were in a safe room. Ninety seconds is a long time when sirens are blaring but when they stop I feel suspended in an endless moment waiting for the missile to hit or miss us. Just to make it clear that the pinpoint missile detection systems which power Iron Dome are so accurate, that when a siren goes off you know a missile is headed your way and you had better take cover !

As I hear a loud bang & then a thud I let my breath out & unclench my jaw. The Iron Dome has done its job & we get to live to see another day.

My son turns over half asleep and says “why are they doing this in the middle of the night? Why don’t they give us a break and let us sleep?”

About the Author
Ilan Hirschowitz was born in South Africa and now lives in the Sharon area, where he works as a Software Engineer for a large international software company.
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