Welcome back Mr. Netanyahu ! real Americans are waiting to hear you.

First of all, as an American I want to sincerely and respectfully welcome you to the United States of America. The people of this Nation by a clear majority welcome your wise counsel and experience which you have offered to share by invitation of the Speaker of the House of Representatives. It’s time we listened to a real leader and not the current crop of insincere and dishonest “spokespersons” and others. A growing number of Americans are frustrated, angered and desperately impatient with a President who has displayed such a lack of leadership, work ethic and just plain “interest” in a situation that has placed many in other nations in danger and his own country at great risk from barbaric forces he has declared the “junior varsity”. We are all embarrassed by the constant stream of unintelligible blabber coming from spokespersons who refuse to admit that a nuclear armed Iran has not changed its mind about annihilating the “Great Shaitan” (us) and the “Little Shaitan” (you and Israel).

I am confident in you as a proven battle leader. You read your security briefings (not watching TV news and ESPN instead). You face enemy fire daily and still endure. Our leaders take expensive vacations, have generals and admirals declare “climate change’ to be our greatest enemy and have other spokespersons declare that maybe a jobs program or a chance to open up business will deter Jihadists from beheading people and sell them used cars or burritos instead.

A little insider information about our media is in order. The days of Edward R. Murrow and investigative reporting are over. Corporations have bought up the media and news is a way to market products. News has to fit a commercial-laden format and stories cannot be allowed to drain the short attention span of most viewers. After all we have reality shows, sports and more sports and comedies to keep our minds off the nightmare growing in your region. We have Sunday talk shows, actually ranting and raving shows where “talking heads” give their opinions and not a fact is to be found. CNN, MSNBC and NBC present their authoritative hosts whose simple declarations are accepted as fact. No questions here. Too many Americans are being numbed into a state of acceptance of falsehoods as facts as they are declared by these actors and actresses, don’t burden them with data or proof, the fantasies are too real.

But rest assured Mr. Netanyahu behind this wall of cardboard is a rising number of dedicated supporters of Israel. We read and search for truth, we use social media and declare and share the truth we find about Israel. Every day new members join and share real facts. We are Jew and Christian, we are many and more. We will join with our brothers and sisters in Israel and say “no more”.

Thank you for coming and we will share your remarks and multiply them by internet. We will overwhelm and drown out the lies and distortions of an increasingly weak and dishonest mainstream media. Thank you Mr. Prime Minister, we await your words and will ask our Congress to act on them.

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Tom Brennan is a former museum curator, library adminstrator, small business owner, sheriff's deputy, Arabian Breeding Farm Manager, cowboy, farmer and author. He writes for
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