Welcome, Mr. President

President Obama’s anticipated visit toIsraelis one of the more important current events in international politics. Recently, the question whether the United States is still the most important nation in the world, and if it still cares about what happens in various locations, has been asked all over the world. Friendly nations, loyal leaders, past alliances – have all disappeared with one fell swoop, and unfortunately, new democracies have yet to be established instead, anywhere in the world.

Countries that were considered friendly and regimes that considered themselves allies have had to deal with new circumstances and forces, unable to cast their hopes on any ally in the global system. The only country to remain supportive of various Middle East allies based on governmental loyalty was, and is, the former Soviet Union, the regime of Vladimir Putin, President of modern-day Russia. Russiahas not been reluctant to express its backing for any government that was in its circle of allies, even if that regime had committed national or international crimes.Russiawas perceived as an ally that could be trusted, whereas other nations seemed to be nothing more than countries that were willing to pay lip service and a few dollars, but not to get their hands dirty. The opposite is true. This century is characterized so far by years of disengagement and shirked responsibilities, so as not to become involved in old or new arenas and to disengage from international issues that concern the world.

Any desire to portray the various systems in the world as a ‘new spring’ that will breathe new life into the countries involved, has been revealed as a distortion of the truth. Ever since the ‘Arab Spring’ erupted, the cruelty of the situation in each of the countries has become evident, and as the bodies pile up the world’s sense of impotence increases.

The only real democracy in theMiddle East– for better or for worse – is the State of Israel. The United States’ stand at Israel’s side now is an important message to the entire world, saying in fact that the US is still running the world with its principles, its faith in democracy, human rights and justice. This is how we interpret the upcoming visit of US President, Mr. Barak Obama, to Israel – a brave decision to stand up and face that which is challenging in our world, and not to abandon the true friends of the great United States, the land of freedom and peace.

Therefore,Israelwelcomes President Obama with open arms, to sincerely discuss our past and our future, with an open mind and an attentive heart.

This is an important historic message that should be proclaimed to many around the world, who struggle for their place among the global elite, and who are willing to pay any price to upgrade their status in an effort to dominate world leadership in the 21st century. This is pleasant music to the ears of advocates of democracy and freedom, to a world thirsty for just leadership – one that aims to protect the West and its values, especially now that they are under attack by fundamentalist terror, anti-Western propaganda and press, as part of the global war for public opinion.


About the Author
Dr David Altman is senior vice-president at the Netanya Academic College and vice-chair of the college's Strategic Dialogue Center