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The tidbit below was written by Alex Fishman and published in Y-Net.

Two months after first wave of prisoner releases – on October 27 – the State of Israel is expected to release a second wave of Palestinian prisoners.


As part of the preconditions for the resumption of peace negotiations, Israel is slated to release 104 prisoners who have been imprisoned since prior to the Oslo Accords, most of whom were sentenced to life and considered major terror participants, with blood on their hands.

Palestine is about to release more murderers of Jews for the great privilege of sitting down with corrupt terrorist dictator, Mahmoud Abbas.  The Palestinian-Arabs have raised a Nazi flag above a Palestinian-Arab town and have engaged in a mini-terror war against the Jews, killing a number of innocent people, as well as shooting a 9 year old Jewish girl in the chest.

Anyone who is familiar with my writings knows that I consider the language that we use to discuss the ongoing war against the Jews in the Middle East as key.  My contention is that we tend to use language borrowed from the enemies of the Jewish people and that doing so is highly detrimental to our own case.

But if Israel has so capitulated to Arab ways of thinking that it will actually release the murderers of Jews then is the country really “Israel”?  The whole point of Israel is to protect the Jewish people, not the murderers of Jewish people.  That’s the job of Palestine.

It is Palestine, not Israel, that is responsible for setting the murderers of Jews free.

It is Palestine, not Israel, that would prevent Jews from praying on the Temple Mount.

It is Palestine, not Israel, that would submit to a nuclear Iran.

People need to understand that language has a silly-putty quality to it.  The Queen’s English was not given to the world by G-d.  Language is malleable, flexible, and constantly evolving.

So, given the fact that the former State of Israel seems no longer to be in the business of standing up for the Jewish people, perhaps we should refer to it as Palestine.  I don’t see why not.  Why continue with the charade that “Israel” actually stands for the well-being of the Jewish people if it is willing to give the murderers of Jews a cookie and a pat on the head?

In politics, things sometimes have a way of turning into their opposite.  So, for example, we have liberal American Jewish supporters of Israel supporting a president who, himself, supports political Islam, which is a movement that is genocidal towards Jews.

{Perhaps we can call it the Big Switch.}

We have western liberals, and western feminists, who claim to stand for human rights and social justice, who are just dandy with the fact that Arab men in the Middle East, and often in Europe, force their women to walk around strapped into potato sacks.  Some western feminists even defend the practice as liberating for Arab women.

And, needless to say, we have western fighters for social justice who think that the tiny Jewish minority in the Middle East is guilty of persecuting a hitherto unknown Arab minority who they call the “Palestinians,” despite 1,300 years of Jewish dhimmitude and persecution under the boot of Arab-Muslim imperial rule.

Israel does not need to change its name to Palestine in order to be Palestine.

All it needs to do is act like Palestine in order to be Palestine.

No wonder that Netanyahu prostrated himself before Turkey’s Islamist leader, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.  Those of you who are familiar with American politics will recall that vice president Dick Cheney once shot a hunting partner in the face with bird-shot.  That individual – while still healing from the wounds caused to his shattered face – apologized to Cheney for causing him inconvenience once the press caught wind of the incident.  In this manner, Benjamin Netanyahu apologized to Erdoğan for the Turkish attack against Israel’s sovereign right to defend its people in the Mavi Marmara incident.  This is not the way that a proud Israeli Jew would behave, but it is the way that a dhimmitudenous Jewish Palestinian would behave

And this leads me to wonder just what it is that diaspora Jews who care about Israel are actually defending?  Are we defending a proud and strong Jewish State of Israel or are we actually defending a Palestinian dhimmi state?

There is no reason for Abbas to go to the United Nations in order to acquire recognition of the State of Palestine.  The United Nations already does recognize the State of Palestine.  They may call it “Israel,” but so long as the country undermines the well-being of the Jewish people by releasing the murderers of Jews, it already is Palestine.


Michael Lumish is the editor of Israel Thrives.

About the Author
Mike Lumish is a PhD in American history from the Pennsylvania State University and has taught at PSU, San Francisco State University, and the City College of San Francisco. He regularly publishes on the Arab-Israel conflict at the Times of Israel and at his own blog, Israel Thrives (http://israel-thrives.blogspot.com/). He has in recent years given conference papers on American cultural and intellectual history at The International Society for the History of Behavioral and Social Sciences in Dublin, Ireland, as well as at the Western Historical Association in Phoenix, Arizona and the American Cultural Association in New Orleans, Louisiana. Lumish is also the founding editor of the scholarly on-line discussion forum H-1960s. He can be contacted at mike.lumish@gmail.com.