Weprin Associate Reports Threat As House Race Heats Up

 A consultant and former aide to Democrat David Weprin, who is running in a special election to succeed former Rep. Anthony Weiner, received a threatening voice mail saying "your says are numbered," according to the New York Observer. The paper’s political blogger, Azi Paybarah, said he heard the message after it was forwarded to him by the consultant, Mary Simon, a former finance director of Weprin’s campaign.

The expletive-laced call came to her cell phone Wednesday afternoon, calling Weprin, a state Assemblyman, “a traitor” and declaring that “you f—–g pieces of s—t have done more damage to this country than all f—g Muslim terrorists combined … You people suck and your f—-g days are numbered.”

The call was reported to state police in Albany, said Paybarah, who dialed the caller’s number and got only the voice mail message of a man named Pete.

Weprin, 55, faces Republican Bob Turner, 70, in the Sept. 13 race to fill Weiner’s seat following his resignation due to a lewd Internet scandal. Former mayor Ed Koch has injected Israel into the forefront of the contest by endorsing Turner, a former TV and cable executive and political novice, as a means of sending a message to President Barack Obama that his Middle East platform, which urges Israel to give up most of the West Bank, is unpopular among U.S. Jews.

Weprin counters that he is an observant Jew who has visited Israel numerous times, has relatives living there and has been a critic of the Obama administration’s handling of the peace process.

The 9th District, which is mostly in Queens and includes parts of south Brooklyn, is roughly a quarter Jewish.

About the Author
Douglas M. Bloomfield is a syndicated columnist, Washington lobbyist and consultant. He spent nine years as the legislative director and chief lobbyist for AIPAC.