West vs. Islam or West vs. ISIS

From Paris to Pakistan to, from Syria to Mali, the absolute world is terrorized by just one community. United States of America, European and rest of the Muslim minority nations did not delay to blaming a particular community for all recent terror attacks in occurred in last one month in Paris, Beirut, Mali and Russian plane crash in Sinai, Egypt, killing more than 400.

Certainly in all the terror attacks months before months, years before years in New York, London, Paris, Mumbai, Madrid, only the members of same community were involved.

Now, the world has moulded its view of outlook towards Muslim world, presuming them just to be engaged in just producing terrorists, and this is what Middle East is now known for. But, here question arises, has it been merely coincidence or something even more, why democratic values have always been failed in Muslim World. Is it merely due to religion and culture that makes Middle East more radical, and why after all, each and every militant belong to this community? The recent incidents have once again raised questions that whether “Islam in Terror or Terror in Islam.”

How Global Power Sown Seeds of Terror in Middle-East

Ever since the Second World War, cold war between United Sates of America and former USSR has been accountable for shaping the past and future of many countries in the World, and Middle East is of course no exception. It is well known that the formation of militant group Taliban by USA with association of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE and other middle east allies to knockdown the USSR’s dominance in Afghanistan in 1989. Coincidentally, at the same time USSR happened to collapse and compelled to retreat. However, whether Afghanistan was saved or not is still ambiguous.

Ever since 1989 Indian has been prey of the same militants created by USA led coalition in Afghanistan which expanded its hold in Pakistan to fight proxy war against India. Attacks on Parliament of India in New Delhi in 2001 and 26/11 Mumbai attacks leaving hundreds dead were outcome of the same phenomena.  The Al Qaeda and Bin Laden, product of this very intervention, finally honored their creator with 9/11 in the return to what they had given to Middle East.

The 9/11 against paved a beautiful way for USA to invade in Middle Eastern countries in the name of fighting against terrorism, receded Iraq and Afghanistan into Stone Age. However, after fall of Saddam’s regime in Iraq and killing of Bin Laden in Pakistan, as USA army initiated to retreat leaving behind the trails of destruction, the locals suppressed for one and decade started to be violent. The suppression of more than a decade of was sufficient for Iraqi and Afghani Muslim population, whose lives had been no better than hell,   to fill the vacuum by creating another Jihadist group ‘ISIS’, as they had left with no any source of lives.
As US army gradually retreated from Iraq the group become more violent, strengthen its hold in west Iraq and swallowed eastern parts of Syria which was already battling with deadly civil war between Russian led Assad Regime and US led Rebels.

Due to hypocritical attitude of USA, how many people have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, how Honduran and Chilean coup d’état ruined democracy, how many fled Syria and Libya due to US led intervention still remains unanswered.

Why East Still Untouched by ISIS ?

The Muslim community living in Western countries as minority is always being suppressed and discriminated, and that the ISIS is targeting to those well-educated dissatisfied Muslim youths in European countries. The French Muslim youths involved in both Paris attacks this year (January and November) is somehow outcome of that desperation.
Although, the situation has not become so far become so fragile for Eastern and southern eastern countries as Muslims population is not being suppressed that much. Especially in India Muslims enjoy much freedom of practicing their rituals, traditions and celebrating festivals than any other Muslim minority country in Asia. But, there may is some level of threat to China from ISIS for suppressing Muslims community in Xinjiang province, disallowing them from following their customs and festivals, which is prone to explode any time.

Now, it depend upon the western power whether they carry on their intervention for their seduction for oil and keep producing even more factions like ISIS and Al-Qaeda and keep blaming Islam for spreading terrorism.

About the Author
Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, I am a journalist, writer and blogger, worked for leading newspapers and news channels including The Hitavada, DD News in India for many years.