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Western Wall Women: Round 3

An epic showdown is brewing at the Western Wall on Monday morning as Women of the Wall and Women for the Wall face off for their third round.

“We so look forward to a peaceful mass women’s prayer on Rosh Hodesh Av,” says the WoW website, announcing the usual 7AM kick-off time.

W4W have set their arrival time for 6.30AM. The group says it has met with members of Knesset and Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Rabbi Itzhak Pindrus “after which he met with Rav Shteinman and Rav Kanievsky who agreed to send out thousands of women to the Kotel, tomorrow. All the Chassidishe Rebbes/Admorim have joined in, calling on their communities to join as well.”

“We’re hoping tomorrow becomes a peaceful mass tfilla, on the Yahrtzeit of Aharon Hakohen, which is an auspicious time to pray for the unity of the Jewish people, and for the rebuilding of the third Holy Temple in Jerusalem, may it be speedily in our days,” says W4W.

Police holding back W4W protesters, May 2013

Police holding back W4W protesters, May 2013

WoW says everyone is welcome:

“MK Gafni and Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Pindrus have seen it fit to once again to use their positions as public servants to arrange for the busing of ultra-Orthodox girls to the Kotel to coincide with the monthly prayer of Women of the Wall. Though this may be intended to intimidate and overpower Women of the Wall, we truly welcome the young women and their prayers,” says WoW.

But things could get heavy. W4W supporter Shira Louis Yashin writes on Facebook: “I am not diplomatic at all and have a very hard time trying to love WOW supporters when I’d really like to punch their lights out.”

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