Western Marxists are behind European Muslims who demonise Israel

The West is being increasingly influenced by radical left wing Marxists factions. Here in the UK these radicals have a long history of anti-establishment activities such as the founding of CND and in the 1970’s famously bringing down both the Conservative administration of Edward Heath and the Labour one of James Callaghan.

One of their current incarnations is Stop the War Coalition, it was formed at the time of the first Gulf war and has been opposed to all and any action against radical Islamic Fundamentalist’s. One of Stop the War’s founders is Lindsay German who is also a former member of the central committee of the Socialist Workers Party. She has written extensively in the Guardian and is always very critical of Israel. Her latest article is attempting to justify why the British are demonstrating about Gaza and not Iraq, you can read it here

In her article she states that Israel has conducted a ‘brutal attack on Gaza’ but makes absolutely no mention of the indiscriminate firing of rockets by Hamas (in the name of Gaza) into Israeli cities over the past 8 years. If what Israel has done is in her words brutal, then how can the same not be said of Hamas?

She believes that Israel keeps Gaza in a siege, no mention of Egypt, who also close the border from Sinai to Gaza and what does Ms. German mean by ‘siege’? Is it a siege for Israel to try to stop weapons entering Gaza? Is it a siege for Israel to attempt to stop building materials to enter Gaza when these are used to build tunnels in order for Hamas to enter Israel to conduct ‘brutal’ attacks on Israeli citizens? Is it a siege when Israel moves in excess of 20 tons of goods, food and medicine into Gaza during the conflict? Is it a siege when the IDF set-up a field hospital only to treat citizens of Gaza injured in the fighting? Is it a siege when Israel keeps the border open for legitimate goods? Is it a siege when Israel supplies the majority of utilities to Gaza for less than Israel charges its own citizens for the same services?

German states that the UK has a ‘deep and longstanding solidarity with the Palestinians’, I ask for how long? I can remember the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s when trade unions saluted Israel in its struggle against the aggression of its neighbours, when the rescue at Entebbe and the saving of 1000’s of Ethiopians by the State of Israel was applauded by all sides of politics, trade unions, community groups and the media and the Munich massacre was condemned by the whole world. The deep and longstanding relationship German refers to is a figment of her imagination, as is her own rhetoric.

She then states that the UK supplies arms to Israel and we trade with Israel, of course we do. Israel has so much of value to offer the UK and the world, indeed neither German or any of her hideous groups could operate in a modern world without Israeli innovation. What German fails to mention is that the UK provides the Palestinian Authority in excess of £30 million in ‘aid’ every year. This amount obviously ‘pales into insignificance’ to the vast fortunes provided to the terrorists of Hamas by its sponsor Qatar. Yet Stop the War or German herself don’t call for a boycott of Qatar, how strange!

Then German attempts to use what the left wing and Liberals of the West believe to be their trump card by claiming Israel’s actions in defense of its citizens who are Jew, Gentile, Muslim, Gay, White, Black, Bedouin, Sunni, Shiite, Druze etc are ‘disproportionate’. Well Ms. German, let us inform you of exactly what is disproportionate.

  • Its using your own citizens as human shields
  • Its firing in excess of 20,000 rockets for 8 years at your neighbour
  • Its building terror tunnels for the one purpose of planning to kill as many innocents as possible
  • Its your leaders using ‘aid’ to live the lives of millionaires rather than building an economy and infrastructure and spending the balance on weapons
  • Its using terror to seize power and murdering your opposition
  • Its officially in your charter planning and having your Allah bless the total destruction of all Jews (not just those in Israel)

That Ms. German is disproportionate.

You also have the brass neck to compare the willful and planned downing of the Malaysian passenger jet by Russian backed terrorists with the action of the IDF as some warped justification for boycotting Israel. If the IDF acted in the same way as those Russians, Gaza would have been carpet bombed, millions would be dead and your comparison justified. The facts are the IDF has the highest morals possible in a war situation. Don’t take my word for it Colonel Richard Kemp is far more qualified on this matter than either you or I.

Finally, from German’s description of Iraqi prior to the Allied invasion one would believe it was an Oasis of calm and respect to all of its citizens. She describes that the invasion ‘broke the infrastructure of Iraqi society’ Ms German this was a society that had murdered 100,000’s of its citizens and gassed 4000 Kurds. Is this the society that had been broken by the intervention of the West Ms. German?

What is clear from her article and from the web site of Stop the War is that her and her ilk are simply anti-Zionists, they are anti-democracy and they support a terrorist organisation in Hamas. They fail to condemn any actions of Islamic Fundamentalist terror from Hamas, ISIS or Islamic Jihad and they fail to condemn Boko Haram all of whom are waging war right now. Their organisation only chooses to condemn Israel.

What German fails to understand is the simple fact that all Israel wishes is to live in peace, it has offered land for peace deals with Egypt and Jordan and yet when it does the same with Gaza it is responded with rockets, terror tunnels and claims of siege. Ms. German, you are not in the real world. If you honestly believe in peace then I suggest you organise a march or campaign or whatever you do to Free Gaza and its citizens from Hamas

About the Author
Howard Klineberg is an English Jew who has always been passionately supporting Israel. At just 16 years of age his late father prevented him going on tour to Israel as he knew Howard probably wouldn't have returned to the UK. Howard is a member of the Leeds Lobby Network who work on numerous campaigns supporting Israel, recently Howard was instrumental in persuading his local member of the UK Parliament to resign from his party's friends of Palestine group.
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