We’ve Reached the Point of No Return: Lone Iran Strike is Inevitable

My first clue was Iran’s welcoming of an attack by Israel. The second clue was Former Ambassador Indyk’s claim that the US sees only sabre rattling from Israel. The third clue was Ban Ki Moon’s legitimation of the Iranian regime as the regime forges forward in its creation of nuclear weapons.

Any truly honest person can see that Iran getting the bomb is far worse than anything else the Middle East could see right now. Iran’s getting the bomb would lead the Middle East into further instability and create a nuclear arms race equal to the level of the cold war among the Muslim countries. As it is, the Middle East is a powder keg ready to explode. We don’t need to bring in another destabilizing element into the equation.

So I knew when Iran declared that it was welcoming an attack from Israel that an attack was indeed coming. The declaration showed that Iran has no intention of giving up its nuclear intentions regardless of what sanctions have been placed on it.

It wasn’t clear then that the strike would be all on Israel. The assumption was that the US might be willing to help. Martin Indyk put that theory to rest. Admittedly I never believed the Obama administration would be willing to strike Iran in conjunction with Israel, but the hope was there.

The Iranian Foreign Minister is absolutely correct in the fact that Israel doesn’t want to take military action. Much like when they bomb certain areas and drop down leaflets to warn the residents, Israel is warning Iran loudly that we won’t tolerate the bomb. Chief of Staff Benny Ganz had to make that even clearer this morning. Ban Ki Moon messed that part up, though. By entering Tehran the UN Chief has patted the regime on the back, assuring them that everything will be okay as they continue their program. The really unbelievable thing is that this is happening while another ‘action team’ is being formed to investigate the Iranian regime’s nuclear aspirations. Intra-organization dissonance anyone?

So we need not wonder whether there will be a lone Israeli strike. We need only wonder when. I’m going to agree with Channel 10 on this one. The strike will be before the US elections in November.

About the Author
Meir is a Political Science graduate of Lander College for Men (A Touro College branch in Queens NY) and a recent Oleh